Avengers: End Game Story Leaked ? | Fan Theory 1

After Avengers: Infinity War released, Lots of fan theories has been spread over the internet.
Fan theory or Fan Fictions are nothing but stories written by fans depending on different story plot points which are based on the original stories. These fictional stories are made up by fans based on original stories which sometimes becomes true.
We all know these theories are the stories made by fans but that doesn't mean that they're wrong or fake because finally these all are fictional.

Let me introduce you to simple fan-fictions which are thought of fans

1) Theory by A fan who is a user of  tvLifeGirl12 named fanfiction.net.
Fan says that, Like Bucky Barnes, Every soviet assassin has trigger words so who knows that some trigger words could be programmed in Natasha Romanov's Brain by Red Room program.

2) Theory by A fan who is a user of  PotCFan101 named fanfiction.net
Fan says that When Tony Stark falling from the portal in New York Battle instead of directly falling to the Earth Tony Stark travels from an alternate reality where Thanos got a hint about him.

These are just an example of fan-fictions.
Today we're gonna discuss a post by one of the Reddit users which says that this theory contains Avengers: End Game Plot points.
This post is based on Fan Theories so there is no chance of spoilers so don't worry just enjoy this post.

Recently a Reddit user talk about Avengers: End Game story plot points in a post. In that post, he mentioned some points & we're gonna discuss it here.

  • In Avengers: End Game Avengers gonna use Quantum Realm to travel back in time & collect all the infinity stones. Whenever infinity stones collected by Avengers will result in the disappearance of infinity stones from Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet. Later Thanos will try to stop the Avengers. This fan theory is quite strong but recently we got news or rumor that says In Avengers: End Game possibly we'll gonna see a dimension traveling. Further points make this theory even more strong.
  • Everyone who got killed or becomes dust at End of  Avengers: Infinity War movie is actually not dead, instead of that they're stuck in a Soul Stone. Also, the film's final sequence will be a different version of Wakanda Battle, in which instead of losing that battle Avengers gonna won that battle & Three of the Six infinity stones will be destroyed by Wanda & Captain Marvel together. This point somewhat looks like genuine because recently rumors say that we can see the scene of battle we have seen in Avengers: Infinity War movie trailer in Avengers: End Game movie. So according to that, the thought of re-battle in Wakanda can be true.
  • According to this Reddit user, There will one scene in which Tony Stark & Captain America will join together and go back in time At New York Battle to steal Tesseract Cube but at the same time Thanos will appear and he'll try to stop them both. Here Captain America aka Steve Rogers will start to fight against Thanos so Tony Stark will get enough time to steal the Tesseract Cube. In between this fight of Thanos vs Cap, Cap will be got killed by Thanos. So this point will be the most dangerous point from all of the above points because there are rumors that confirms Captain America aka Steve Rogers will be dead by end of the Avengers: End Game movie. 
  • As we know, to get Soul Stone we need to sacrifice our most amicable person same like that this thing can be achieved by sacrificing our most hatred person and for that Nebula bring Thanos to Vormir and tricked him in the Soul World
The last point is not acceptable because Sacrifice is nothing but giving away our most loving thing, Giving away our most hatred thing is not a sacrifice.

These all are the points mentioned by a fan in his theory, Which overall sum up Avengers: End Game movie.

This fan also mentioned that to fix issues occurred because of time travel Skrulls will be introduced to us & its a start of the 4th phase.

Actually, this whole fan theory is quite tempting but in the end, it's just a fan theory. 

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