Is Multiverse in MCU is real or Mysterio is faking it?

Spiderman Far From Home, Mysterio, Multiverse

So, guys, a lot of things happened in MCU till now. We saw some happy, sad, exciting & surprising moments in the journey of MCU from Iron Man to Avengers Endgame.
But one very new thing is 'Multiverse,' which isn't any small thing.
Multiverse means multiple possibilities.
The Multiverse is referenced in Spiderman - Far From Home.
But it is maybe just for diverting our attention because we know that in comics Mysterio lied a lot to make others fool.

Mysterio, Spiderman Far From Home

But according to the events that happened in Avengers Endgame, it looks like the Multiverse thing is real.

So in this post, we're going to discuss the Multiverse truth & Mysterio is faking it or not by comparing the Spiderman Far From Home from its source comics, that's why this post may contain spoilers, be aware of that.

Multiverse: Real or Mysterio Faking it?

If you want to know how Avengers Endgame impacts MCU, then Spiderman Far From Home is a correct example for that.
Spiderman Far From Home is the last movie of MCU's Phase 3, In which we'll be going to see what changes are being made or how the events of Avengers Infinity War & Avengers Endgame going to affect others.

In Spiderman Far From Home trailer  2, it's cleared that Multiverse is created because of the Time Travel in Avengers Endgame.
Exploring Multiverse possibility from Spiderman Far From Home movie is the main priority of director of this film, Jon Watts.

Jon Watts, Spiderman Far From Home, Mysterio, multiverse
Jon Watts

In an interview, Jon Watts said that it's necessary to understand what actually happened in the Avengers Endgame.
What changes are possible because of Professor Hulk's Snap Event & Iron Man Snap Event which helps Avengers to bring the population back which was vanished by Thanos's Snap in Avengers Infinity War movie.

Professor Hulk's Snap, Infinity Guantlet, Stark Guantlet, Avengers endgame
Professor Hulk's Snap

Tony Stark's Snap, Iron Man, Avengers endgame, Stark Guantlet
Tony Stark's Snap

The main question is alternate timelines.
After Avengers Endgame, lot's of different possibilities are created in MCU.

Peter Parker is one of the Avengers who's going to fight these possibilities.

Peter Parker, Spiderman, Avengers
Peter Parker aka Spiderman

According to the trailer, it looks like the Mysterio & The Elementals are from another reality.

Elementals, Avengers, spiderman, spiderman far from home, mysterio

Its not that easy to trust the Multiverse thing in Spiderman Far From Home.
Those who know the comic book origin of Mysterio will be definitely going to say this.

In Comic Books, Mysterio used his special skills to make others fool.
Some fan theories say that The Elementals are made by Mysterio.

The director of the film Jon Watts is cleared with the Multiverse fact but when asked about how they are going to show Multiverse in the movie then he didn't answer the question.

But we all know that MCU always diverts us about the main villains of the movie by their trailers.
Examples are Skrulls from Captain Marvel, Mandarin from Iron Man 3, etc.,.

But we can't be sure about anything before the movie release, if MCU Multiverse is real then in Phase 4 we'll be going to see movies like Avengers Secret War.

In an Interview, Russo Brothers admit that Loki can still raise from death.


Anthony & Joe Russo (Russo Brothers)
Anthony & Joe Russo (Russo Brothers)

When Avengers reach the past timeline, then there was a moment when Loki succeeded to run away with Tesseract Cube.

Tesseract Cube, Infinity Stones
Tesseract Cube

If you ask me, then I'll say that we can see some Multiverse-related movies in future MCU movies but not sure about Spiderman Far From Home.
You can't trust Mysterio according to the comics.

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