Marvel Studio's The Eternals | Comic Origin & Movie Details | Explained

Marvel Studios The Eternals
Marvel Studios The Eternals 

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Today, In this article, I'm going to share some details about Marvel Studio's upcoming movie 'Eternals.'

Actually, I don't have enough knowledge about Eternals until after reading Eternals by Jack Kirby, the complete collection of 18 issues, and the Annual issue.

In this article, I'll share those details and some other stuff related to the Eternals film.

First, Let's talk about Eternals.

Who are Eternals? 

the eternals
The Eternals

At the very beginning, the only living animals present on Earth are Beasts, nothing else.

Like No Humans, No Gods, No superheroes.

Then Celestials GOD's came on Earth.

Actually, In MCU, We already saw celestials in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 1 movie.

So later these Celestials start a mission to evaluate, or you can say mutate new Life Forms on Earth.

They perform some experiments on the species - The Ape.

The Ape
Experimenting on Ape's

After GOD's experiments, three new species are formed.

First, The Deviants,

Second, The Humans

and Third, The Eternals.

New Ape Species
New Ape Species

Eternals are like the children of GOD because Eternals are utterly immune to Time and Death.

Eternals can't be killed, but you can hurt them with special weapons.

Eternals live on Mountain Top's, where they adapt different kinds of powers.

The city of Eternals is known as Olympia.

Now, Let's talk about that crazy species called Deviants, who only knows one thing, War.

Who are Deviants?

the deviants
The Deviants

Deviants are one of the new species that are mostly known as Ever-changing and Destructive Failure.

Deviants are not just structurally unstable but also generation by generations they evolve in such monstrous ways.

The city, the base of deviants, is under the inner depths of Earth,

like Underwater named as 'Lemuria.'

Deviants also create different kinds of weapons.

I told you so, these crazy creatures only know one thing, and that's War.

In ancient times, Deviants started a war against Celestial GOD's, and as expected, they lost.

Deviants fear that, if GOD walks on Earth again, then they may conquer all the Deviants.

But when Celestials GOD walks on Earth, Deviants decides to include Humans in this War so they can have benefits while others destroy each other in this War.

That's why Deviants posses as Devil, so they can use Human emotions, fear against themselves, and started destruction on Earth.

deviants attacks on earth
Deviants attacking Earth

Then Eternals came to fight with these Deviants and help the Humans.

Now, Let's discuss the details about 

MCU's upcoming movie - The Eternals.

Eternals Movie Details

eternals movie details
Eternals Movie Details

The story of the Eternals movie will start with the events after the Avengers Endgame.

In which, the Eternals live alongside humans using a secret identity.

Now, they'll reunite and fight against the Deviants to defend the Earth.

The storyline of the Eternals movie will be based on Eternals comics by Jack Kirby.

The screenplay is written by Kaz and Ryan Firpo.

Ryan And Kaz Firpo
Ryan And Kaz Firpo


The Eternals film is directed by Chloe Zhao.

chloe zhao
Chloe Zhao

Let's talk about the confirmed cast and their respective character details.

Eternals Cast and Eternals Characters

eternals cast
Eternals Cast

1) THENA - Angelina Jolie

thena - angelina julie
Angelina Julie

Thena's character will be played by Angelina Julie.

Thena is a fierce warrior and also a daughter of mighty Eternal Zuras.

Thena has superhuman strength, stamina, speed, durability, agility, and reflexes powers.

2) AJAK - Salma Hayek

ajak - salma hayek
Salma Hayek

Mighty Eternal Ajak's character will be played by Salma Hayek.

Actually, In comics, Ajak is a male character, so in the movie, Salma will play as Female Ajak.

Ajak is Polar Eternal, who can communicate with Celestial GOD's.

3) IKARIS - Richard Madden

ikaris - richard madden
Richard Madden

Richard Madden going to play as Ikaris.

Ikaris live on Earth with his secret identity named Ike Harris.

He works with the archaeologist Dr. Damian.

Ikaris has cosmic powers, and he has complete mind control over his physical form and his body processes.

4) SERSI - Gemma Chan

Sersi - gemma chan
Gemma Chan

Sersi's character will be played by Gemma Chan.

Just like other Eternals, she also lives on Earth with a secret identity.

Sersi has powers to control molecules and manipulate them in any form.

With her powers, she can easily change the form of any object or any person.

5) DANE WHITMAN - Kit Harington

Dane Whitman - Kit Harington
Kit Harington

Kit Harington going to play the character of Dane Whitman, aka Black Knight.

He has a mystical sword.

Dane Whitman is originally a normal human being with no superpowers who later gains his powers.

6) KINGO - Kumail Nanjiani

kingo - kumail nanjiani
Kumail Nanjiani

Kumail Nanjiani going to play Kingo's Eternals character.

Kingo is a Samurai who also a famous film star and producer.

Kingo is one of the best swordsmen.

7) DRUIG - Barry Keoghan

druig - barry keoghan
Barry Keoghan

Druig's character will be played by Barry Keoghan.

Druig is a son of great Eternal Valkin and cousin of Ikaris.

Druig also lives a secret life as a Russian agent.

8) GILGAMESH - Dong-Seok Ma

gilgamesh - dong-seok ma
Dong-Seok ma

Dong-Seok ma going to play the character of Eternals Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh is a powerful Eternal who outcasted by Eternal Leader Zuras.

9) PHASTOS - Brian Tyree henry

phastos - brian tyree henry
Brian Tyree Henry

Phastos's character will be played by Brian Tyree Henry.

Phastos designed lots of Eternals weapons, and Kingo's sword is one of them.

Phastos has powers to manipulate machinery.

10) SPRITE - Lia McHugh

sprite - lia mchugh
Lia McHugh

Lia McHugh will play as young Eternals Sprite.

In comics, Sprite is a male Eternals character, so in the movie, Lia will play as Female Sprite.

With proper concentration, Sprite can turn her imagination into real life, she can transform matter around her.

11) MAKKARI - Lauren Ridloff

makkari - Lauren ridloff
Lauren Ridloff

Just like Sprite and Ajak, Makkari is also a male character in comics.

So, In MCU's Eternals movie, Lauren Ridloff will play as Female Makkari.

Makkari is a superfast eternal.

12) STUDENT - Lucia Efstathiou

student - lucia efstathiou
Lucia Efstathiou

Lucia Efstathiou going to play a student's character.

I don't have any further information related to her role.

Marvel Studio's Eternals really have an excellent cast, you can expect a lot from this movie.

Now, let's talk about a possible movie storyline.

Possible Eternals Storyline

Now, If you compare the cast with Jack Kirby's Eternals comics, then there are few characters from the Eternals cast who not part of the comics like Dane Whitman, who is also known as Black Knight.

dane whitman, black knight
Black Knight

In other comics, there is a romantic angle shown between Sersi and Black Knight(Dane Whitman)

dane whitman, sersi, black knight
Dane Whitman and Sersi

It's quite difficult to guess the storyline for Eternals movie, but still, I'll tell you the short version of Jack Kirby's Eternals comics on which this movie is based on.

I'll cover all those characters from the Eternals movie cast in the short version of the comics that I'm about to tell you.

In the comics, Ikaris opened a celestials chamber and let the GOD's enter on Earth.

ikaris opening chamber
Ikaris opening chamber

Deviants ruler Tode sends his army to stop Ikaris from opening a chamber and GOD's craft from coming on Earth.

deviants came to stop celestials craft from landing
Deviants came to a stop the celestials craft from landing.

But they failed.

Now, Ikaris can't communicate with GOD's, so he asks Ajak to help in communicating with the GOD's.

Ajak has powers to communicate with GOD's.

Ajak meeting with Ikaris
Ajak meeting with Ikaris

On the other hand, Deviants leader Tode and Kro decided to include Humans in this fight, so they can fool Humans and turn them to fight with each other, So Deviants can take benefit from this.

deviants leader tode planning attack on humans with kro
Deviants leader tode planning attack on humans with Kro

Deviant Warlord Kro leads his deviant army to strike on Humans.

They possess themselves as Devils in doing so.

Eternal Ikaris tried to take the fight to them all on his own, but it turns out to be a mistake.

Deviants fire a special weapon which fires some sort of mind chip on Ikaris, and Ikaris fell down.

Kro and his army captured Ikaris, and later on, they also caught Sersi.

Before Sersi gets caught by Deviants, she contacts Olympia(The city of Eternals) and warns Makkari and asks for help.

sersi asking help to makkari
Sersi asking help to Makkari

Then Makkari and Thena, team up to stop the Deviants from the destruction.

They've succeeded in doing so by implying the truce between Eternals and Deviants and also freed Ikaris and Sersi.

eternals and kro truce
Eternals and Kro Truce

Later on, Eternals Leader Zuras sense some threats related to the Space GOD's and calls every Eternals and order them to join together for the ceremony where every Eternal's mind connected together.

One Mind, One Body, One Spirit.

This is called as Uni-Mind.


When Ikaris, Sersi, and Makkari came to Olympia, they mate with Sprite, the Young Eternal.

sprite meets with ikaris and team
Sprite meets with ikaris and the team.

 When the Uni-Mind process started, Sprite senses some Deviants related threats, but there is no one to stop it.

Deviants leader Tode sends his secret members called Astronauts to plant a big Energy-Bomb into GOD's craft.

Deviants Astronaut
Deviants Astronaut

Gilgamesh knows what will happen if Deviants attacks on GOD's craft.

sprite asking help to gilgamesh
Sprite asking help to Gilgamesh

They know that in retaliation, Celestial GOD's will destroy everything.

So Sprite asks help to Gilgamesh so he can stop them from attacking GOD's craft.

Gilgamesh succeeded in stopping Deviants Astronauts.

Now let's talk about Druig.

As you all know, Druig is a son of Great Eternal Valkin and cousin of Ikaris.


When one of the Celestial GOD enters in Polaria, Druig decides to take it down using the special weapon.

Only Valkin and Ikaris know about this weapon.

That's why Druig tortures Ikaris to get the information about the weapon, and he finds out about the Pyramid.

Then Druig succeeded in finding out the weapon, but before he use that, Ikaris came and try to stop him from using the weapon.

Then they fought.

The weapon blasts in this fight and Druig died because of the explosion, and Ikaris successfully saves himself from the explosion.

Celestial, GOD came and stops the spread of the explosion immediately.

I know, its not going to be the same as mentioned in comics.

We all know that comics storyline and movies storyline are different than each other.

I know for sure that Movie storyline definitely going to be awesome.

I tried here to share the shortest version of the Eternals story.

Jack Kirby really did a fantastic job in Eternals comics.

Now let's talk about the most important thing and the most complicated thing also, The release date.

Release Date

Right now, The Eternals official release date that Marvel Studio's provided is 12th February 2021.

But, if you'll ask me, I am not sure about this date yet.

Not until Black Widow successfully releases in November without any delay.

 Because if Black Widow release gets postponed, then every project, every movie will also postpone.

I hope we'll get Black Widow without any further delay.

Because I'm damn excited about it and all future MCU movies and series.

Trailer release is also not confirmed yet, but I think MCU will drop the Eternals Trailer around Black Widow's release.

Around October or November.

Oh! There is one thing I forgot to mention.

Some of you may don't know about this that our Thanos is also an Eternal.

Thanos is a mutant member of superhumans known as Titanian Eternal.

Eternals Story will follow the events after the Avengers Endgame.

Where we may see some new enemies, time travel-related new threats, and much more and how this new line of superheroes going to defend Earth from such enemies.

Its going to be very exciting.

So, Thats it.

Thats all I have on Eternals right now.

You can share your thoughts or any questions related to the Eternals then feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

Also, If you want to know everything from Jack Kirby's Eternals comics, then mention this in the comment section below.

 If your response is good, I'll start comic explaining a series of Jack Kirby's Eternals Comics


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