Captain Marvel Movie Review + Overview & Post Credit Scene Explained (Spoilers)

Finally, The wait is over. Captain Marvel is in theatres now. A straightforward & good movie by MCU on Women's Day. Beautiful story but not comparable to DC's Wonder Women, still definitely going to hit Box Office. Lot's of things are the same as we discussed in Trailer 2 Breakdown post. In this post, I'll review some events from Captain Marvel movie & it's Post Credit Scenes, so it's not spoiler free, So if you haven't watch it yet then I recommend you to watch the movie first but if you okay with spoilers then no issues.
So let's get this started.

The most beautiful thing in this movie is Stan Lee Tribute.
Usually, in MCU's every movie, we saw image flashes of random superheroes with Marvel logo, but here they use images of Stan Lee to thank him for giving us a fantastic universe. 

The movie started with a scene in which Captain Marvel was having little flashback's about her past where we can saw Captain Marvel & Annette Bening in a fight scene against someone, but she has uncleared memories of it, We'll discuss this later.

She is living on Kree Planet Hala with Kree warriors. We can saw, Yon-Rog giving her training & teach her how to control her powers.

The story is almost the same as we discussed in trailer breakdown. Captain Marvel & her Kree Warriors team including Yon-Rog, They go out for a mission. Skrulls are already there. They set a trap for Captain Marvel & team. 

Yon-Rog & Team was able to escape from there when the fight getting tenser but Talos(Head of Skrull's) trapped Captain Marvel & bring her to their ship, then tried to get information from her memories which can help him to complete his mission.

In between this Captain Marvel got aware of it & able to escape from there by taking everyone down from the ship but while doing this Talos tries to stop her & he damaged the small spaceship which taken by Captain Marvel & she directly landed on the earth.
Also, the Skrulls are coming down to the earth & try to chase Captain Marvel to grab information from her brain.

Then she met with Nick Fury. She tries to explain about Skrulls & how dangerous they are, but Nick Fury didn't believe that until one of the Skrull who poses as human attacked her. Then Carol tries to chase that Skrull. Nick Fury & Agent Coulson followed her. 

Then as we saw in the train scene, That Skrull enters in train by posing as old women, but it's his bad luck that Captain Marvel saw that actual old lady exiting from the train. 
Then Carol looking for the Skrull. She found that old lady & punch her on her face. That Skrull fought back & tries to run away from Carol, peoples in that train also try to stop Carol, but she didn't stop. 

Later Skrull turn back on its real identity & took someone else's identity & run away from there. 

On another side, Nick Fury receives a call & its none other than Coulson.

He got alert because he was chasing Carol with fake Coulson, then they had a small fight where the car got smashed & that Skrull dies. 

Later Nick Fury saw the real identity of that Skrull. He brings that Skrull for autopsy in S.H.I.E.L.D. base. 
The critical thing was Nick didn't know that the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. is none other than Talos.

Then next, We saw that Nick Fury was asking Carol that, Kree Warriors are good people or not. Carol answered this by saying they're superheroes. Just like two different teams called other as evil & themselves as heroes same Carol explaining Nick that Kree Warriors are good people & Skrulls are evil.

Then we saw Nick & Carol running away from the shield members. Coulson helps them to run away from there. Till then Nick finds out about the truth of Talos

They got a file of Maria Rambeau - Friend of Carol & Air Force Pilot who comes in Carol's dreams or we can say the memory flashbacks. 

Nick & Carol meets Maria & discuss Carol's past. Carol told Maria about her powers & everything happened in her life. After that Tom (Neighbour of Maria) knock the door. Carol got alert & trying to find out if he(Tom) real human or Skrull who posing as Tom.

But when Tom leaves, we saw Talos who is already present in the house. Here actual part reveals - Carol's memory & other stuff.
Talos (Skrull) is not a villain. He was just trying to help his family & his peoples but the main culprit is Yon-Rog.
Here, we find out details about Carol's powers.

In the past, Carol's plane crashed down. Carol is with the Kree Warrior who was working in the Air Force & also a Supreme Intelligence, who works on earth to invent a powerful energy core.
After the crash, Carol saw Yon-Rog, who came for the energy core. Carol then destroy that energy core by shooting it but in that blast, Carol absorbs all the energy from the core.
Carol then forgot about her past & Yon-Rog took advantage of it & took Carol to the Hala.

Now, Carol decides to help Talos to save his family & to end this war.
Later we saw Carol gives her jacket to the daughter of Maria. Then she took help from her & choose new outfit/suit for her which is none other than Captain Marvel's current suit.

Then Carol, Maria, Talos, Nick & Carol's Cat Goose (mysterious cat - very interesting character we'll discuss it later) goes to Mar-Vell to help Talos's family & his peoples to rescue them & also secure space energy source which is nothing but Tesseract Cube.

In between this, Yon-Rog finds out that Carol remember everything about her past now & they already set trap for Carol & Skrulls at Mar-Vell.

As they told her that whatever they gave her, they can take it back, they took Carol's energy by using the chip inserted behind Carol's neck.

Carol still fought against them but she failed. They took Tesseract Cube & sends Carol to Supreme Intelligence who also a part of all this stuff. She also betrays Carol.
They also capture Talos & his peoples including his wife & son.

Here the main drama begins. Carol tries to fight against but she fails. Supreme Intelligence told her that without powers you're just human. After some time Carol realizes that this all is fake. They can't give her powers but she already has that all powers. All these 6 years they're just controlling her powers.

After that, this thing triggers the Carol's all original powers & later she again took a fight against Supreme Intelligence & able to break out the connection and security systems.
She got free & took Tesseract with herself. It affects all security systems, therefore, Talos & his peoples including Nick & Maria got free.
Ohhhh Ms. Goose also. We can't miss that kitty, after all, she was the main part of the Captain Marvel movie.

Let's talk about this Cat now. The most entertaining part of this film.
When Carol took Tesseract Cube she handover it to the Nick Fury & told them to leave Mar-vell but Nick don't understand how to hide it & then our Ms.Goose comes in action. Actually, Ms.Goose is an alien cat who opens her big mouth & grab that cube.
You must watch this scene & concentrate on Nick's Face, he just got amazed & scared too because Till now he was playing with her, holding her assuming as a cute kitty.

Nick & Maria run to leave Mar-Vell with Skrulls but they've got stopped by Kree Soldiers.
Again our Ms.Goose comes in Action, she just opened her mouth & wipe them out with her tongue, Nick loved that Ms.Goose again because of this.

Then again they went off towards the ship but again some of the Kree Warriors who capture the Skrulls, stop them. Nick smiles & bring Ms.Goose in front of them by thinking she will knock them out but she did nothing. Nick Fury won't understand that but later one of the Kree Warrior is nothing but a Talos who posing as a Kree Warrior kill all other Kree Warriors & save his people including Nick & Maria. Ms.Goose already knew that so did nothing.

Then they went off from Mar-Vell. Other Kree Warriors start to chase them but here Maria's skills come in action by which while riding the Quinn Jet she beats most of the Kree ships.

Another side, Captain Marvel is now in her extreme form, her all powers triggered & because of that no one able to stand against her. She beats everyone.
Later Yon-Rog escapes by taking ship & try to chase Nick & Maria to grab that Tesseract Cube again. In between this, He informed Ronan: The Accuser, so he comes with his force to beat her.

Captain Marvel literally destroy everyone & stop Yon-Rog from chasing Nick & Maria. While doing this Ronan: The Accuser arrives and send her ships to attack Earth but Captain Marvel comes in between them & destroys all his ships. Ronan can't believe that He says, "It's impossible! Earth doesn't have this technology so they can stop these ships" but later they saw it's Captain Marvel who destroying all ships.

The main fact is Captain Marvel also unaware of all these powers she is just enjoying it.
Ronan stops the attack & run away from there. After beating Ronan, Captain Marvel comes back on Earth to stop Yon-Rog. He knows that he can't beat Carol so he tries to trap her by talk but Carol didn't waste time throw him away by her powers.
Later she forcefully sends him away from the earth by his ship.

Now let me tell you the secret about Nick Fury's eye, How he lost his eye. Do you remember the scene from Captain America: Winter Soldier movie, where he said that once he trusts someone but got betrayed & lost his eye. Let me tell you the secret about it.
After all that fight, Nick was playing with Ms.Goose but while doing that Ms.Goose just snatch Nick's eye with his nails.
We all think there was something huge reason behind Nick Fury's eyes but this was epic. We never ever think something like this gonna happen.

Now, We can see Carol, Nick, Maria, Talos & others where they were talking about the Skrulls safety. Skrulls aren't safe on the Earth so they decided to find a place where they can live & Captain Marvel decided to go with them to help them to stop this war & correct everything.

Before leaving Earth, Carol gives Nick his communication device which upgraded by Carol & warns him to use this only in an emergency.

Now, we can saw Agent Coulson & Nick Fury, talking about Nick's Eye where Nick Fury fakes it by saying he loses his eye in the fight. Nick also said that In future they may face much bigger threats. So they must need to be ready for that. We need more like her, More superheroes.
Nick Fury seeing an old pic of Carol Danvers with the jet on which he saw a word, Avengers.
So he named this project of finding more superheroes as Avengers Initiative.

So here is the all major details from the Captain Marvel movie. I dropped some minor events here.

Now Let's discuss the post-credit scenes. Yes, this is all about Avengers: End Game.
The post-credit scene starts with Nick Fury's communication device. We have seen in Avengers: Infinity War that before being dust Nick Fury use this communication device to ask help of Carol aka Captain Marvel. So here we can see Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner & others who are trying to activate that device so they can send signals in hope for some help they can get to defeat Thanos or to bring everyone back in life. Bruce says we don't even know about this device what is it? how it works? etc., but Steve Rogers aka Captain America says, We didn't know but Nick Fury does so just reconnect this device and try to send signals again. While talking Natasha Romanov turn back & we saw Captain Marvel behind her who says Where is Fury?

So now Captain Marvel going to help Avengers to defeat Thanos & bring all of them who becomes dust, back in life.

This is all about first post credit scene 1.

Now, let's talk about another post-credit scene which is kinda funny. In which, We can saw Ms.Goose having trouble like wanna vomit & later Ms.Goose vomits & throw out the Tesseract Cube from her stomach on Fury's table.

So, guys, this is a complete overview of Captain Marvel & Post Credit Scenes.
Some minor details are ignored by me here.
According to me, It was a simple but good origin story. I'll give 8/10 points to this movie.
No doubt, Tribute to Stan Lee was one of the greatest part from the entire movie. Hats Off.

If we miss some details then don't forget to mention it in the comment section below.

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