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Video Description

In this video, I have mentioned some details about DC's TV Series Lucifer.
I also mentioned the difference between Lucifer Comics and Lucifer Series.
Like How different is Lucifer series storyline from comics.
In This video, I have covered only important points about Lucifer web Series and Lucifer Comics.
I mentioned points related to the dc lucifer comic, dc lucifer origin, dc lucifer crossover.
Also covered details about lucifer constantine, lucifer and amenadiel, lucifer and maze, lucifer and chloe, lucifer and trixie, lucifer and linda, lucifer and eve and much more...
In Lucifer crossover I compared comics and series and share those details in this video.
Watch complete video without skipping to understand all details properly.
This video available in three languages,
Lucifer in Hindi, Lucifer in English and Lucifer in Marathi.

 Video in ENGLISH

Video in HINDI

Video in Marathi