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Is Lucifer Season 6 Confirmed? | Release Date and All Updates

Most of the DC shows are just awesome, even you can say DC shows are far far better than the DCU movies. Lucifer is one of the best DC series. Personally, it's one of my favorite DC series. All DCU fans are waiting for the Lucifer's 5th season and also quite excited to know about, 'What next for Lucifer?'
Today, I'm going to share some details about the Lucifer series.

Is Lucifer Season 6 Confirmed?

So the answer to this question is, YES! After those, all rumors related to the Lucifer's sixth season is finally confirmed today. The Devil is finally back for it's Sixth and the final season of this amazing series.
Details were confirmed on the official Lucifer's twitter account.
the devil made us do it. 😈 #lucifer will return for a sixth and final season. like, FINAL final.— Lucifer (@LuciferNetflix) June 23, 2020
Recently, we've received the confirmed release date of Luciferseason 5 which supposed to be the final season of Lucifer ser…

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