Black Widow movie release in India | Details

Black Widow Movie Release in India


Black Widow Movie Release In INDIA

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In this article, I am going to share the Indian release details of the Black Widow movie.

I didn't share this news early because I want to confirm that before sharing it with you.

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Black Widow, MDCZ

We all fans are so much interested in watching the upcoming Black Widow movie. However, because of this pandemic, it still getting delayed again and again.

The Black Widow movie is supposed to release in May 2020.

But, after a long wait, Disney has finally announced the release date of the Black Widow movie.

July 9, 2021, is now the official release date for the Black Widow movie.

Now the question is, How are we gonna watch it?

According to the Disney announcement, the Black Widow movie will be released in theatres and Disney+ Premier Access worldwide on the same day.

They are charging $30 on Disney+ premier access for Black Widow movie.

But, this is not available for all countries.

Just like India.

Black Widow, MDCZ

For Indian fans, I think this is not good news.

In India, this movie will be only available to watch in theatres.

And As you know, because of these Covid issues, some theatres are still closed, or some fans can't watch this movie in theatres.

Some fans are thinking that this movie will be available on Disney Plus Hotstar.

Yes, that's true, but after 3 months from the original release.

So The Black Widow movie will be released in theatres on 9 July, and it will release on Disney+ Hotstar on around 3rd October 2021.

So, theatre is the only way to watch this movie for Indian fans.

Black Widow, MDCZ

Now, you may think that You can use VPN to access Disney Plus.

You can, but in India, $30 equals 2184 rs.

If you can afford this, then go for it.

But that would be a foolish choice.

Because with that much money you can go to the high-quality theatre and Watch the movie with ordering lots of beverages and snacks.

So, in short, there's only one way to watch this movie by going to theatres.

I was hoping for, OTT release like BookMyShow Stream, but there isn't any official update.

I am still hoping for that.

However, On the BookMyShow site, you'll see the release date is still 7th May.

These guys are so lazy to update these details.

So, don't get confused because of that.

Nothing is confirmed in current situations, but this time, I think it will not be delayed again.

Let's hope for an OTT release like BMS Stream.

As soon as I get an official update on that, I will share it with you.

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Black Widow movie release in India | Details

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