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In this article, I am going to talk about the MCU's future plan.

I will explain, What is actually MCU is planning through these Disney Plus shows. 

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WandaVision is Marvel's first Disney Plus show of Phase 4.

In Avengers Endgame, after ending a fantastic Infinity Saga, all fans were thinking about, What's next?

What are the plans for the next Avengers movie?

Young Avengers

Then a new Young Avengers idea popped up.

And it is confirmed that MCU soon gonna introduce Young Avengers before the main Avengers movie.

For the First Avengers movie, MCU did a great build-up by introducing each Avengers character in different movies.

First Iron Man, then Hulk, then Captain America, then Natasha And Thor and then, Hawk-Eye.

Then they released The Avengers movie.

Now, the same thing MCU is doing again for the upcoming Young Avengers movie.

Some Young Avengers are already teased before in MCU, like Cassie Lang but not with the powers.

In WandaVision, this was the first they introduced members of the Young Avengers team their powers.

Billy And Tommy, Wiccan and Speed

Billy and Tommy, whom we knew as Wiccan and Speed, were introduced in WandaVision.

Eli Bradley, Patriot

Then in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, they've teased another member of Young Avengers, Patriot.

If you remember Isaiah Bradly, who once was a Black Captain America.

Isaiah has a grandson named Eli Bradly.

Eli Bradly is Patriot in comics.

They haven't shown us his powers yet, but they will definitely show a small part of how Eli Bradly will get his powers till the end of this series.

Loki, Kid Loki

Then, in the next Loki series, they are gonna introduce Kid Loki.

As we already know, there are multiple Loki characters in the series, like Lady Loki.

Lady Loki, Loki, MDCZ

Remember the girl we saw in the trailer who looked like Black Widow? She is Lady Loki.

But that's not the main part.

The important part is, they are also gonna introduce Kid Loki in this series.

In my old videos, I have teased that there might be a chance we will see Kid Loki in the Loki series.

But now, I am pretty sure that we'll definitely gonna see Kid Loki in the Loki series.

Hawk Eye, Kate Bishop, MDCZ

Then, in the next Hawk-Eye series, they will introduce Kate Bishop as a new Hawk-Eye in the Young Avengers team. This is already confirmed.

She Hulk, MDCZ

Then, in the next She-Hulk series, they'll gonna introduce us, Hulkling.

This isn't confirmed yet, but I am pretty sure that they will gonna introduce him in the series.

I think these will be the main members of the Young Avengers.

Later they will also gonna introduce us to the new members of the Young Avengers team.

Right now, MCU is building up a strong base for their upcoming Youn Avengers movie.

Cassie Lang, Cassendra Lang, MDCZ

We will see Cassie Lang in action in the Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania movie.

Harley Keener, Iron Man, MDCZ

Harley Keener, the kid from the Iron Man 3 movie, is now grown up.

He did have some skills like Tony Stark.

I am not sure how they are gonna introduce him.

MCU not just introduces members of the Young Avengers team but also introduces some new members of the main Avengers team, like Ms Marvel, She-Hulk.

Right now, this is what I think is happening in the Disney Plus MCU shows.

Let me know what you guys think about it in the comment section below.

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