Marvel versus DC : Who reigned supreme in 2018 ?

Superheroes remained at the forefront of pop culture in 2018 but which publisher has the most significant influence? Marvel or DC?
Welcome to Marvel-DC Cine World & today we'll see the performance from both Marvel & DC in different platforms to see which of the two has the better of 2018.
2018 has been an absolute rollercoaster of the year.
We'll going to check five different sections & compare the performances of both Marvel & DC.
So Let the fight begins!


Comic Books are the source material without which none of these would be possible.


1) Spider Geddon
2) The Amazing Spider-Man
3) Thanos Wins
4) Venom

For Marvel, It was an outstanding year.
Spider Geddon isn't likely to become a classic but fun re-throat.

Well Nick Spencer's new Spider-Man series (The Amazing Spider-Man) has become a worthy follow up to 10 years.

2018 also saw the Venom series get off to a great start

& Donny Cates Thanos wins are becoming one of the Mad Titan's greatest Tales.


1) Heroes in Crisis
2) Action #1000
3) Batman Wedding
4) Batman White Knight
5) Dark Night's Metal
6) Doomsday Clock

For Dc, Doomsday Clock was changed to by monthly schedule in May & Conclude in summer of 2019

Dark Night's Metal kicked off in 2017 but concluded earlier in 2018 & this delightfully odd.

Batman White Knight made for a fascinating take on the Joker,

Brian Micheal Bendis switched from Marvel to DC just in time for Action Comics #1000 & notable milestone & while received one of that.

Unfortunately, DC also had some significant missteps. First of there was that whole showing Batman's Penis debacle which feels like a PR stunt gone wrong.
The Batman Cat Women Wedding twist was spoiled by the New York Times upsetting fans & serious writer Tom King.

The Heroes in Crisis limited series promised an emotional journey through the trauma's inherent to the life of superheroes, but instead, fans saw shocking character deaths rather than an honest investigation of mental health.

In terms of sells, DC and Marvel took turns pulling ahead month by month. When it comes to quality, however DC could have won have their missteps not been so major.

Marvel takes it, But It's a close one. Both are good, but Marvel won here.
So Now the Battle Score is  MARVEL = 1 & DC = 0


Starting with ARROW in 2012, DC has slowly but surely built up an impressive small screen shared universe. As of 2018 that includes Arrow, Flash, Supergirl & the epic crossover of these series DC's Legends of Tomorrow. 

The show is not immune to criticism, but for the most part, there is a lot of fun.
Then Black Lightning which although not a part of the Arrowverse as off 2018 has made sparks all over on its own. 

Over on Sci-Fi, Krypton has been critically divisive, but it is well enough to earn a Second season.

Gotham also continues to offer a healthy take on Bruce Wayne's early years.

Finally, Titans debut on a DC Streaming Service has been relatively well received. Surprising fans to a skeptical over the top comic con trailer.

In recent years, Marvel has found equal success on a small screen.
Legion second season continues the delightfully odd riff on the story of David Haller & Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s soldiers on.

The more modest in their success The Gifted, Runaways and Cloak & Dagger grab good reviews from the audience.

Unfortunately, something went wrong with the Marvel's Netflix Universe in 2018 & we can't help it suspect that it has something to do with Disney's future streaming plans. After expanding the five shows and the crossover cancelation occurred in 2018 with Netflix pulling the plug on Iron Fist & Luke Cage.

The Marvel still has some great shows like Daredevil. The Netflix Universe was its crowning gem & seen that line-up of shows seriously helps Marvel's Television in 2018.

With the Arrowverse going strong, DC conquers the Television & The Winner is DC.
So Now the Battle Score is  MARVEL = 1 & DC = 1.


It's incredible to watch superheroes on screen. But to experiencing that superhero adventures are more interesting.
In 2018, Marvel delivered its first great superhero Video game in years. Spider-man
Released the critical acclaimed & to describe its one of the greatest superhero games ever made. This 2018 PS4 exclusive does for Spider-Man with the Arkham Series did for Batman.

Many of them called it a spiritual sequel to beloved 2004 games Spider-Man 2. With impressive & stunning visuals and a solid story, Spider-Man was a big win for Marvel.
Seriously, we can spend hours, just shooting the web and swinging around the city.

For years, DC has owned a video game market. DC has a video game named Batman Arkham Knights. The franchise kept the company well ahead to the competition but wasn't the only property with selling power.
The Injustice 2 is also very popular in response to a pretty successful comic book time as well.
Unfortunately, None of these released in 2018.

What DC gamers got was the final two episodes of Batman: The Enemy Within,
Which marks the end of the franchise since the developer tell that games shut down in Sept.

There was a free to play a mobile brawler DC: UNCHAINED which is an excellent way to pass the time over waiting for the bus but not that impressive Like PUBG nowadays.

We also got Lego DC Super Villains courtesy of travelers games. It received positive reviews but compared to a game of Arkham or Injustice series. It's not all that exciting.

It's no contest. So Marvel takes this round by a mile.
So the winner is Marvel.
So Now the Battle Score is  MARVEL = 2 & DC = 1.


Marvel has been lagging on Animated Film for years. It seems like they give it hard attempts every couple of years, but they don't have the clear vision as to whether animated film identity should be.
In 2018, however, they made an honest effort. The Disney Channel and Disney XD original Movie Marvel Rising Secret Warriors takes what it works for the company in terms of Animated series and tells a bigger story.

It's excellent if perhaps modest start & we can wait to see what the Marvel Rising Franchise does next.
Of course, The big animated win for Marvel is Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse.

Like with its live-action television, DC has found a model for animated films that works & they knows not to mess with the right thing. As part of their ongoing DC Universe animated original movie series DC & WBF in releasing direct video animated films aimed at teens and adults for over a decade. In this medium fans have gotten to see many of their favorite stories brought to life as well as the occasional original concept like Batman Ninja.

In 2018 alone, we got The Death of Superman, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, Batman: Gotham by Gaslight & mentioned Batman Ninja & few more kids oriented movies including the theatrical film Teen Titans Go to the film.

Though Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse was a massive move for Marvel, The sheer volume of a good quality hit films coming out of DC earn them the round. 
So The Winner is DC.
So Now the Battle Score is  MARVEL = 2 & DC = 2.
We have a tie here.
Next one is Decider.


Though the importance of comic books can never been understated as of 2018 Marvel's chief money maker is Marvel Studios but the MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe) accomplished with the ownership of Disney is unprecedented. It's changed the film industry. None of whom can seemingly compete. In 2018, ten years of movies combined in Avengers: Infinity War. The cinematic crossover that we have never seen before.

Of course, it wasn't alone. 2018 also saw the release of Ant-Man & The Wasp & the groundbreaking Black Panther.

So not only did Marvel dominated the Box Office but they did it with some of there best films yet.

After a rookie starts to the shared cinematic universe in 2016 with Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice & Suicide Squad, Dc rebounded in 2017 with Wonder Women. It seems like course correction until Justice League landed in theatres & people officially lost all hope almost.
In 2018, since Jason Mamoa takes center stage in his solo Aquaman. Just one movie in 2018 benefited the DC Universe.

This year was quite one for DC on the silver screen.
Here is the main thing. Even if the Aquaman is the great movie ever made, a single standalone adventure can overshadow the cultural impact of the Infinity War & Black Panther.
Marvel takes it with the massive knockout punch.

Ohhhh so the Winner of Last Round & Winner of the battle is Marvel.
So Now the Battle Score is  MARVEL = 3 & DC = 2.

Delivering better films, standalone video games & more consisting comics Marvel beat out DC in 2018.

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