X-Men : Dark Phoenix Trailer 2 Breakdown

The trailer 2 of  X-Men: Dark Phoenix has launched. Before discussing this, I want to tell you that this trailer revealed many significant spoilers of the movie. Not only this trailer but also some of the cast itself revealing the spoilers of the film. While promoting this movie, Jessica Chastain told everything about her character and its origin.

In the first trailer, We think that one of the X-men going to dies, but in this new trailer, it not only confirm the death of X-Men but also confirms that which X-Men going to die, How & Why?
Without spoiler warning discussing this is not good, so guys this post contains spoiler. Be aware of that.
So let's get this started.
X-Men: Dark Phoenix which only known as Dark Phoenix. In its first trailer, all the attention of fans is on the probability of a death of one of the X-Men & because of that Beast aka Hank McCoy going to angry on Prof. Charles Xavier but this secret reveals at starting of the trailer that in this movie Mystique gonna die because she was trying to explain her but while doing that she becomes victim of Jean's uncontrolled powers & because of this Beast may get angry on Charles and leave his team & Magneto aka Eric who is best friend of Mystique team up with Beast & try to hunt down the Jean but as we know its very difficult to kill Jean. We'll discuss this later.

Let's discuss Jessica Chastain's mysterious character. In the first trailer, we saw a glance of Jessica Chastain's character 7 we don't know that this character is good or evil but in a recent interview, she confirms that she is the main villain of the movie which comes from another planet to harness Jean's powers by which she can help her world. 

Now let's talk about the powers of Jean Grey. In X-Men Apocalypse, We have already seen that How powerful Jean was! In this movie, we'll going to know the history of her powers. From childhood, Jean unable to control her powers. In X-Men Apocalypse, we saw that Jean was concern about her powers but In space mission from this movie something going to trigger Jean grey's real powers because of which she'll become a Dark Phoenix which is a godlike entity that can destroy a planet.

Now let's talk about other X-Men's in the movie, The real heroes of the movie are X-Men even if the title of the film named as Dark Phoenix. In which Charles Xavier, Who thinks that he may help Jean, but he will end up with failure & because of that whenever Jean did something wrong or terrible things, Charles will be responsible for that. After that, the X-Men will be dividing into two teams. 
Cyclops, Storm & Nightcrawler can be shown in Charles team, and Beast & other two mutants can be shown in the Magneto aka Eric's side. 

Now let's discuss Cyclops, If we withdraw the attention of Jean & Jessica, then the next character is Cyclops. Cyclops know that Jean is a threat to the world, but still he wants to save Jean. Charles & other X-Men will help him in this mission. So Charles team will try to save Jean, and on another side, Eric's team will try to kill Jean. 

But we all know that they can't fight against Jean's powers. Somewhere, Jean also know about what she was doing because this trailer starts from the scene where Jean was talking with her powers that she doesn't want to kill her friend. 

Most of the people think that Quicksilver is going to die or got hurt in the film, but we haven't seen anything related to this. If we see the old and new trailer, then there is some possibility that it will happen. In the old trailer, we can only see Quicksilver till Mystique's appearance. Also in the next trailer, Quicksilver isn't there when Charles team & Eric's team is fighting with each other. Who knows Eric's anger may cause his son's death. 

Now let's discuss the X-Men who are being captured. In the trailer, we can see some armed forces arrested Eric & Charles with their respective teams.
No one knows Who are they? & Why they captured the X-Mens? 
But we can see a device that stops mutant powers which we saw last time in Deadpool 2. 

Somehow this movie looks like X-Men: Last Stands movie. If you compare the scenes from this trailer with X-Men: Last Stand movie then you can everything that happens in this movie is somewhat similar to the X-Men: Last Stands movie. 

So this is the complete breakdown of X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer 2. If you haven't watched the trailer yet then watch it from below link.

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