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Avengers Endgame Theory Will Blow Your Mind

We have read lots of fan theories related to Avengers Endgame movie.
Very few days remaining for the Avengers Endgame movie.
We all Marvel fans think a lot about Marvel movies & later came with our own theories which sometimes turns true.
So why don't we give it a try one last time?

 Now I am going to introduce you with one last fan theory about Avengers Endgame which has a lot of chances to be true. 

We know fan theories are just theories which have the probability of being correct, so there are fewer spoiler chances in this post.

So without wasting your time let's get this started.

We are going to discuss a possible movie plot so those who don't want to get spoiled may leave this post(Fan Theories contains no spoilers, Those all theories are just fan predictions).

According to the recent videos published by the Marvel Studios like Special Look, Mission Spot, Film Clip shows a high probability that our superheroes will be going to fight against Thanos at very beginning of the movie.
Now you guys think, on what basis I am saying this.
Watch the video of Film Clip posted by Marvel Entertainment where we can saw Captain Marvel asking fellow superheroes to engage with a fight against Thanos because last time they don't have her in their team to fight against Thanos.
At the end of that video Captain America says, let's get this son of a bitch.
Refer other videos also where we saw Rocket & other superheroes are going in space to fight against Thanos.

Let's watch the Film Clip & other clips again which mostly used to build this theory, so you get this properly.

So the introduction of Ronin, Captain Marvel's appearance & Fight against Thanos these parts will be shown within the first 20 mins or less of the film.

Captain Marvel, marvel, avengers endgame
Captain Marvel

Ronin, Clint barton, marvel, avengers endgame

But the movie length is 3 hours 1 min,
So most probably they quickly lose that fight against Thanos.

Thanos, marvel, avengers endgame
In the fight, Captain Marvel will face Thanos but while doing that Thanos may use one of his Infinity Stones to defeat her by draining her powers because as we know Captain Marvel got her powers because of the Tesseract or we can say Space Stone.

Tesseract Cube, Space Stone, marvel, captain marvel, avengers endgame
Tesseract Cube or Space Stone
When Thanos tries to kill Captain Marvel, Thor will come between them & save her.

thor, marvel, avengers endgame, captain marvel, thanos
Thor will realise that they can't beat Thanos right now & he will use his Stormbreaker & transport all the fellow superheroes back to the earth.
After that, we might see Tony & Nebula will be successfully come back on Earth.

tony stark, nebula, marvel, avengers endgame
Tony Stark & Nebula trying to sort out the issue on the Guardians Spaceship

Later we can see Tony meets Pepper & other Avengers including Captain Marvel.

pepper potts, tony stark, avengers endgame, marvel
Pepper meets Tony Stark.

Later Bruce Banner & Tony Stark will analyse the weakened state of Captain Marvel & while doing that they got surprised when they figure out that she's powered by the Space Stone.

bruce banner, tony stark, hulk, iron man, avengers endgame, avengers
Bruce Banner & Tony Stark

Also, Ant-Man aka Scott Lang will successfully get out from the Quantum Realm.

After that, they both come with an idea of replication of Infinity Stones but for that, they must have access to the Infinity Stones & currently that's not possible.

But then they figure out that they can do time travel when Scott Lang introduce them with the Quantum Realm & other stuff related to it.

scott lang, ant man, marvel, avengers endgame, quantum realm
Scott Lang aka Ant-man

Later Banner, Tony & Ant-Man try to figure out a way to time travel.
On the other hand, Thor & Captain Marvel will go out in search of remaining Asgardians including Valkyrie.

Valkyrie, thor, asgard, marvel, avengers endgame

Now, the Avengers will come together & do time travel with the help of Quantum Realm & for that, they build Quantum Suits.

If you watch the video 'Mission Spot' uploaded by Marvel Studios, we can see that Avengers are divided into different teams with different missions.

Similarly, they form different teams different missions where everyone goes back in time to every place they remember seeing the Infinity Stones so they can have access over it & replicate them.

Nebula will tell them that Soul Stone is on Vormir planet & she & Tony knows that to achieve that Soul Stone they need to sacrifice someone they love.

Nebula, marvel

But Captain America disagree by saying, "We've lost too much already".
Then for stone, they all go in time where Thanos achieve the Soul Stone by sacrificing Gamora.

Thanos, soul stone
Thanos Achieve Soul Stone

gamora, thanos
Gamora Sacrifice

Bruce Banner, Captain America, Iron Man & Thor plans to fight against Thanos (From Past) on Vormir.
Iron Man with his new suit Mark 85 & Thor able to stun Thanos while Thanos using Power Stone & then Bruce Banner successfully make a copy of Power Stone & after that they run back to the present time using Quantum Realm.

Power Stone, infinity stone, marvel, thanos
Power Stone

Till now, Thanos(From Present) knows about the Avengers plan to defeat him & before Banner, Tony, Cap & Thor make their way back to present time, Thanos reach to the Avengers Headquarters with his team(probably the outriders) & waiting for them to come back.

Thanos took a fight against them by destroying the Avengers Headquarters & then Bruce Banner might turn into the HULK form to fight against Thanos.

According to the videos, other theories Thanos, I came up with a thought in which,
Thanos might use the Mind Stone against Hulk & turn him against the Avengers, but Bruce tries to get back control over Hulk & ends up with merging the Hulk & Bruce Banner which later known as Professor Hulk.

Mind Stone on Vision's Head

On another hand now Professor Hulk will take the fight against Thanos to gave another team some time to use the replicated Infinity Stones. For that Tony starts working on the remaining work of his self build Infinity Gauntlet. Captain Marvel & Thor will try to protect them from Thanos & his team.

Later Thanos may try to use the Infinity Stones to destroy the Avengers Headquarters & in between this Rocket & War Machine comes and start firing on Thanos

All the Avengers fight against Thanos, this makes him weaker & wounded & thats why he may use the Space Stone again & teleport to another place.

Time Stone, infinity stone
Time Stone

Now after successfully build a new Infinity Gauntlet made by Tony Stark,
They will try to bring back all the dusted peoples & for that Professor Hulk will use the Gauntlet.
They successfully bring all the dusted back but while doing that the gauntlet will get damaged. It may hurt Professor Hulk.

But the fight is not over because still, Thanos is alive somewhere with all the Infinity Stones.
They must fight Thanos whatever it takes.

Doctor Strange then teleports everyone to Thanos & now everyone fights Thanos to defeat him one last time.
This might be going to be one of the epic fight scenes where all superheroes fight against Thanos.

This time Thor either go for Thanos's head or according to the other theories he might cut Thanos's Arm wearing Infinity Gauntlet.

Now the heartbreaking detail,
When Thor cut Thanos's arm, Captain America runs towards it & grab the Infinity Gauntlet before Thanos can catch it.

Professor Hulk & Thor are the strongest amongst all Avengers so they can control the Gauntlet, but Professor Hulk is damaged his hand last time when the gauntlet & replicated stones got destroyed & they don't have enough time so, Captain America use it against Thanos by sacrificing his life.
It's a possibility that this time because of overuse Gauntlet & the Infinity Stones might be destroyed.

If Thor goes for the head this time, then none of the superheroes is going to die.

Now Thor will be settled back on Earth with remaining Asgardians, Tony may give Cap's Shield to Bucky & he may become new Captain America etc., etc.,

That's it & in the post-credit scene, they may introduce X-Men related stuff.

These all details are a complete merger of Videos posted by Marvel Studios, Fan Theories, Leaks, News, Avengers Endgame Merchandise etc.,
Big chances to be true.

If you have other thoughts regarding this, then feel free to mention them in the comment section below
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