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Disney+ Streaming All Marvel Shows

Disney announced its streaming service known as Disney+.
Last week, On Thursday Disney, announced Disney+ Streaming Service.
On Disney+, we can not only watch the Walt Disney movies but also we can watch Lucas Films, PIXAR Movies, Marvel Studio & Fox Studio films also.

The important part for all superhero fans is Disney+ showing Marvel shows.
Some of the series which will be going to stream on Disney+ are about those superheroes who died in Thanos Snap.
So let's take a look on this Marvel Series.

We all know that the superheroes who died in Avengers Infinity War will come back in Avengers Endgame

 1) The Falcon & Winter Soldier

The Falcon & Winter Soldier, marvel, avengers, disney, disney+
The Falcon & Winter Soldier 
We can watch The Falcon & Winter Soldier within a year after Disney+ launch.
In this show, we can see Anthony Mackie & Sebastian Stan playing their respective roles.
Now some of you may think how's this possible.

Anthony Mackie aka The Falcon
Anthony Mackie aka The Falcon

sebastian stan, winter soldier, bucky barnes, marvel
Sebastian Stan aka Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier

Let me tell you one thing, they both are one of the close friends of Steve Rogers aka Captain America & their team up in Captain America Civil War is damn good, so series of this duo is definitely going to be the best series.

2) Wanda Vision

wanda, vision, marvel
Wanda Vision

We going to see Elizabeth Olsen & Paul Bettany as playing their respective roles in the show.

Elizabeth Olsen aka Wanda aka Scarlett Witch
Elizabeth Olsen aka Wanda aka Scarlett Witch
Paul Bettany aka Vision
Paul Bettany aka Vision
We now Wanda died because of the Thanos's Snap Effect so she can be back again, but Vision died when Thanos pick out the Mind Stone from Vision's Head, So it's quite surprising to see Vision in the show.
Marvel always show us those things that we never expected.
So this web series is also going to be the interesting one.

3) Loki

loki, marvel

Disney announced that Tom Hiddleston is starring as Loki in web series. This web series might be released within two years after the launch of Disney+.
We know Thanos killed Loki in Avengers Infinity War, but we don't what will happen in Avengers Endgame, he might come back in Avengers Endgame.

4) Hawk-Eye

Hawk-Eye, clint barton, ronin, marvel

Disney announced a web series on Hawk Eye. Jeremy Renner starring as Hawk Eye in this web series.
We can see Hawk-Eye is a mentor of Kate Bishop. Kate Bishop is a character which took the place of Hawk-Eye at some point.

So these all web series based on superheroes that we all familiar with but Disney also going to stream some other web series.

5) Marvel's Hero Project

Every series is not based on the Avengers only. This web series will be based on real-life Superheroes. Where we introduced with those superheroes, who did something good for their respective communities.
This will be streaming immediately after the Disney+ launch. 

6) Marvel's What IF?

This web series will show us our favourite characters from a different perspective.
Ex. What If Spider-Man joins Fantastic Four?
This series will be an animated series.
The first episode will be based on What if Peggy Carter took a Super Soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers
This series will be available within a year after Disney+ launch.

7) Marvel's 616

This series might be based on the Marvel 616 fictional Universe but a non-fictional documentary series.
This series will show the history of different Marvel Superheroes.
This series will be telecasted within the year after the Disney+ launch.

After the Disney-Fox merger, Disney is going to be very strong than ever before.

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