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So, Friends, We have another video dropped by Marvel Cinematic Universe about Avengers Endgame movie.
Lot of us thinks that the trailer uploaded by MCU two weeks before is going to be the last video about Avengers Endgame till the movie release, but here we got surprised by MCU with the new video.

This video reveals some major details about the Avengers Endgame movie. Today, we'll be going to discuss these details & breaking down the special look video.

Avengers Endgame Special Look Breakdown

Before that, If you didn't watch the video yet then watch it now from below.

So the video starts with the scene of Avengers Headquarters where we saw Bruce Banner, Rhodey & Thor discussing facing Thanos & the respective consequences.

avengers, avengers endgame
Avengers Headquarters

Where Bruce says, "If we do this we'd be going shorthanded." The reason behind Bruce's statement is they are short in numbers.

bruce banner, avengers, avengers endgame
Bruce Banner

replies, "Yeah, You mean because he killed our friends?"

rhodey, war machine, avengers endgame
Rhodey aka War Machine

 Then we can see Natasha in Avengers Facility. In Background, we can hear her voice.
She says, "We owe this to everyone who not in this room to try."
Whatever it takes they all going to fight this war.

natasha, black widow, marvel, avengers, avengers endgame
Natasha aka Black Widow

The only thing that disturbs me a lot is her hairs.

In the next shot, we can see Steve Rogers aka Captain America shaved his beard & get back in his old look.

steve rogers, captain america, marvel, avengers, avengers endgame
Steve Rogers aka Captain America

In the next scene, we can see Rocket & Nebula are seating together & seems very sad.

rocket, nebula, marvel, avengers, avengers endgame
Rocket & Nebula
The last time when this duo met, they're not that close but now they're the only ones who alive & their relationships seem sorted now.

In the background, we can hear Tony's voice.
He is saying, "It's not about how much we lost, it's about how much we have left."

In the next scene, we see Tony & Pepper together.

tony stark, pepper potts, marvel, avengers, avengers endgame, rescue, iron man
Tony & Pepper

This scene cleared three things.
First, Tony successfully gets back on earth.
Second, Pepper didn't go in space with Rescue armor to save Tony.
Third, Tony & Nebula themselves find out the way to solve the fuel issue of Guardians ship.

Now let me tell you my personal view on this situation.
In recent avengers endgame trailers we saw Tony is working on something or making something on Guardians Ship, It's a possibility that he got the batteries stolen by Rocket in Guardians of The Galaxy vol 2 movie.
Those batteries are excellent energy resources & Tony is working on them so they can able to travel in space.

They successfully come back on Earth.
If you see the background of this scene, it's the same stadium that we saw in recent Avengers endgame videos. So as I told you before its true that Steve & Others are looking towards Guardians Ship in the first trailer.

Now in the next scene, we have a major update.
We can see, Iron Man flying with his new suit Mark 85, which is one of his strongest suits.

Mark 85, iron man, tony stark, marvel, avengers, avengers endgame
Iron Man with New Suit Mark 85

In the next shot, we can see Clint in his new look. He has a Samurai Tattoo in his left arm.

In the background voice, Tony says, "We are the Avengers, We gotta finish this."
Here Tony encouraging others by saying we must end this war by defeating Thanos.

The next shots are the same as we saw in the recent trailer where Thor calls his Stormbreaker in front of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel (Actually he is flirting with her).

In the next shot, we can see all the Avengers looking towards something or paying attention towards something or someone.
Thor, Carol aka Captain Marvel & Bruce are the only ones who are not in the frame, so it's a possibility that avengers paying attention to one of them.or all of them or something else thats unexpected for us.

avengers, marvel, avengers endgame, captain marvel
avengers paying attention towards someone or something

In the next scene, we can see Tony Stark & Steve Rogers together, where Tony says, "You trust me?"
Steve replies, "I do."
& then they shake hands which shows all the issues between them are sorted out now.

tony stark, iron man, steve rogers, captain america, marvel, avengers, avengers endgame
Tony & Steve shaking hands

It looks like Tony is again about to do something frightening as he always did in recent movies.

In the next scene, we can see Guardians Ship coming from some strange planet which quite looks like Xandar but the weird part is it seems like in good condition but as we know Thanos took Power Stone by destroying Xandar.
If it's Xandar then, they definitely traveled back in time.

Guardians Ship, marvel, avengers, avengers endgame, guardians of the galaxy
Guardians Ship

In the next shot, we can see the members present on the Guardians Ship.
We can see Thor, Captain Marvel, Rocket, Steve Rogers, Natasha & Rhodey.

Avengers in Guardians Ship, avengers, guardians of the galaxy, avengers endgame, marvel, captain marvel
Avengers in Guardians Ship
They might be going to find Thanos to fight against him or to achieve something that might help them to defeat Thanos.

Nebula is also there but hidden in this shot, It seems there are more members hidden in this shot.

Later in the next shot, we can see Tony holding a photo of him awarding a Stark Internship Certificate to Peter Parker.
Peter Parker aka Spider-Man is like a son for Tony, He feels awful that he was unable to save him.

tony stark, iron man, peter parker, spider-man, avengers, avengers endgame, marvel
Tony holding his funny photo with Peter Parker

In the background, we can hear Thanos voice.
He says, "You could not live with your own failure. What did that bring you? Back to me."

In the next shot, we have a quick look of Thanos's Ship which might be returning from some planet & looks like Xandar again. I can't figure out more details but the planet behind this ship is not in good condition.

Thanos's Ship, thanos, avengers, Xandar, avengers endgame, marvel
Thanos's Ship

Then we have a quick look of Nebula & Rhodey looking towards something terrible may be Thanos's Ship.

Nebula & Rhodey aka War Machine, nebula, rhodey, war machine, avengers, avengers endgame, marvel
Nebula & Rhodey aka War Machine

Then we can see Thor & Rocket with a surprised, shocking & emotional look on their face.

thor, avengers, avengers endgame, marvel

rocket, marvel , avengers , avengers endgame, guardians of the galaxy

They might saw something shocking or surprising that they not expected.

Then we have a quick look of Captain America with his Shield & looks like he is fighting with someone, maybe Thanos.

captain america, shield, avengers, avengers endgame, marvel
Captain America with his Shield

In the next scene, finally, we can see Thanos arrived from his spaceship.
The surprising factor is he is not using Space Stone & MCU hide his hands too, it might be possible that he didn't wear his Infinity Gauntlet.
Maybe the Gauntlet is damaged.

thanos, marvel, avengers endgame, mad titan

Then in the final scene, we see our three legendary superheroes Thor, Captain America & Iron Man facing towards Thanos where Thanos is seating somewhere & seems like they defeat him. Thanos looks so weak in this shot.

thor, iron man, tony stark, captain america, steve rogers, infinity sword, thanos, avengers, avengers endgame, marvel
Thor, Cap & Tony facing Thanos
We can see Thanos's new weapon also which looks like two-sided sword may be Infinity Sword.

Some of you might think, "Why Thanos needs another weapon if he had infinity gauntlet with infinity stones?"

There are three possible reasons behind it:
1) In Infinity War, Thanos unable to stop Thor's Stormbreaker with his Infinity Gauntlet that's why he uses Infinity Sword which is very powerful & If it used with Infinity Gauntlet then it can be a deadly weapon.

2) After Snap, His Infinity Gauntlet got damaged. (But I am not entirely satisfied with this because he still used Space Stone after the snap)

3) He did not have any Infinity Stones or Infinity Gauntlet.

So uncleared shots so unable to extract more details.

So friends, From the video I only able to extract the above details. If you any other facts or if you have your own thoughts about this then feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

Let me tell you one thing, MCU always hides a lot of details or include fake shots in movie trailers so there will be high chances that they include fake shots in this special look video.
Also, we only have a single shot of Bruce Banner in the entire video.
This is not the first time, In the past trailers also we saw Bruce Banner only in a single shot.
MCU hides details about Bruce Banner or Hulk too much.
Maybe he is the center of attraction in the movie, We might see Professor Hulk in the film.

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