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Hello friends, few days are remaining for the epic moment of Marvel Cinematic Universe which known as 'AVENGERS ENDGAME.'

This movie is a complete hard work of 11 years. The journey starts with Iron Man 1 movie & Phase 3 is going to end with the Avengers Endgame movie.

Before watching the Avengers Endgame why don't we re-memories the glorious moments of some of our mighty superheroes?

So from now till Avengers Endgame, we'll be going to discuss some of our superheroes journey from the beginning.

Today, We're going to discuss the journey of 'GOD of THUNDER - The Mighty THOR.'

We first saw THOR in his first solo movie, where he becomes the King of the Asgard but the saddest part is when Thor finally achieved his superior form till then Asgard got vanished by the Surtur & this event known as RAGNAROK.

Even in Avengers Infinity War, he loses his half Asgardian people.
He loses his brother LOKI.
He loses his Father & Mother.
He loses everything he had before.

Let's discuss all these events from the beginning.

Thor is one of the strongest Avengers
Currently, Thor is king of Asgard who also known as GOD of THUNDER.

But before all of these, Thor was quite different. Because of his anger & rage, Thor made some stupid decisions which cost them by restarting the fight between Asgard & Jotunheim (Frost Giants).

asgard, marvel, thor, odin, god of thunder, the mighty avenger

frost giants, jotunheim, marvel, thor, odin, asgard

frost giants, jotunheim, marvel, thor, odin, asgard
Frost Giants

Because of this behavior, Thor's father ODIN extract Thor's all powers from him & send him to the Earth but while doing that he also throws Mjolnir by saying the one who deserves will get all powers.

mjoInir, thor's weapon,thor

odin, thor, asgard
ODIN - King of Asgard & Father of Thor

On Earth, Thor met with Jane Foster & friends, with them he learns humanity, love & other behaviors, he realizes his mistakes.  

jane foster, thr, dr. eric, marvel
Jane Foster & Others

When Loki sends Destroyer to kill Thor & his supporters, to save them Thor face Destroyer by itself by standing in front of the Destroyer.

thor, destroyer, loki, marvel,
Thor facing Destroyer

Because of his courage & sacrifice, Mjolnir returns to Thor & he got all his powers back & then he defeats Destroyer.

thor, destroyer
Thor getting all his powers back.

After that, he stops Loki from destroying the entire Jotunheim planet, but Loki falls down from the Bifrost.

loki, bifrost, thor
Loki falling down from the Bifrost

Thor gets all respect again. 

After some months, Loki spotted back on Earth & Thor returns on Earth to stop him again & then he became the member of Avengers.

thor, avengers

Then he fought with Loki & his Chitauri Army & bring Loki back to the Asgard with Tesseract Cube.

thor, loki, tesseract cube
Thor teleporting Loki with Tesseract Cube

Later Loki locked in Asgard jail because of his recent actions.

Later, Thor helps Asgardian Army to keep the piece in 9 realms. 

After some days, while doing research Jane foster triggers the Aether & because of that Dark Elves & Malekith got awakened.

jane foster, aether, thor, marvel
Jane Foster triggers Aether.

malekith, drak elves, thor, ether
Malekith - Dark Elve

Then starts Dark Elves Conflict where Malekith tries to achieve the Aether to took control over all 9 realms.

Aether is trapped under Jane's body & to extract the Aether from Jane's body, Thor took help of Loki and bring her to Malekith, so he removes the Aether from her body.

Aether, Jane Foster, thor, Malekith
Aether extracting from jane's Body.

Thor plans to destroy Aether immediately after it got out from Jane's body, but he fails.
Malekith successfully took Aether.

But later on the Earth, he successfully defeats Malekith & took Aether.

After that, he decides to live with Jane Foster on Earth. 

On Earth, he helps the other Avengers to get back Loki's Scepter from Hydra.

Scepter, loki, thanos, thor

After that Thor fights with the new problem ULTRON.

Ultron, thor, avengers

Thor with fellow Avengers together defeats Ultron once again.

In between this, Thor knows about the Infinity Stones which have held massive power & then he try to find those Infinity Stones, but he got failed in it.

Infinity Stones, thor, thanos, avengers, marvel
Infinity Stones

Then he finds out about Ragnarok & defeats Surtur & later brought Surter's skull to Asgard.

thor, surter, ragnarok
Thor Fight against Surter

Before that Surter told him Odin is not on Asgard.
Later he finds out that Loki took Odin's place by sending him on Orphanage Home on Earth.

Later while in search of his father Thor & Loki arrives on Earth but Dr.Strange traps Loki in Time hole & met Thor.

thor, dr.strange, loki
Thor & Dr. Strange

Then Dr.Strange sends Thor & Loki to Odin.
But after a few moments with his son's Odin passed away & then Hela (The Goddess of Death) arrives.

hela, goddess of death, loki, thor
Hela's Arrival

Then Hela destroys Thor's hammer 'mjoInir.'

hela, thor, mjoInir
Hela destroying mjoInir

Loki got scared & called Bifrost, but Hela interrupts & Thor lands on Sakaar planet.

thor, sakaar planet
Thor on Sakaar Planet

Then he met Hulk but in a fight.
Later Hulk successfully turns back to Bruce Banner first time after two years. Then Thor, Bruce & Valkyrie leaves Sakaar to face Hela on Asgard.

thor, bruce banner, valkyrie
Thor, Bruce & Valkyrie

After the second meet with Hela, Thor loses his eye.

thor, hela, ragnarok
Thor loses his Eye

But later Thor achieves his GOD form & fought against Hela & her army. 
Thor & Loki unleashes Surter & let Ragnarok event to happen because Hela's powers are from Asgard & the only way to defeat her is by destroying Asgard.

surtur, hela, ragnarok
Surtur kills Hela

surtur, asgard, ragnarok
Surtur destroying Asgard

Thor & Loki escorts all the Asgardians & his team from Asgard.
They planned to settle on Earth because Odin says that, wherever the Asgardians stays that place will be known as Asgard.

But after that Thanos & Black Order attacked Thor's Ship in which half of the Asgardians died.

thanos, black order, thor, loki, heimdall, hulk
Thanos ship arrives in front of Thor's Ship.

After taking Tesseract from Loki, he kills Loki & Heimdall & destroys Thor ship and teleport with Black Order.

thanos, black order, thor, loki, heimdall
Thanos with Black Order destroying Thor's Ship

But Guardians saves Thor because they got some signals from Thor's ship.

guardians, thor
Guardians & Thor

Then Thor with Groot & Rocket goes to Nidavellir to make a new weapon to defeat Thanos.

thor, groot, rocket, nidavellir
Thor with Groot & Rocket 

Nidavellir Planet

Here Thor gets his new weapon Stormbreaker which also had the ability of teleportation & he directly teleports to Wakanda with Rocket & Groot and fights with Outriders

thor, wakanda, rocket, groot
Thor Entrance to Wakanda

When he face Thanos again, then he throws Stormbreaker towards Thanos & it attacks Thanos's chest, but he fails to stop him from wipe out half of the universe.

thor, thanos, stormbreaker
Thor Attacks Thanos with Stormbreaker

In AVENGERS ENDGAME, I wish he goes for the HEAD.

THOR is one of the strongest superheroes from Marvel Universe.
He made lots of sacrifices for his people & his friends.
He lost his Father, Mother, Brother, Home, Best Friend (Heimdall) & much more but he is the only one who still smiles, hiding his all emotions.

Thor is one of my favorite characters.

Mention Your favorite superheroes in the comment section below & Share your thoughts on Thor
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