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Today, We'll be going to talk about official cast details DC's upcoming The Batman movie.
The work of The Batman movie is in progress.
The director of this film is Matt Reeves.

matt reeves, batman, the batman, dc, dcu, dceu
Matt Reeves (Director of THE BATMAN movie)

Now, let me describe the updates that I have received on The Batman movie.


Jeffrey Wright going to play the role of 
Commissioner Gordon.

Jeffrey Wright, Gordon, Commissioner Gordon, dc, dceu, dcu, batman, the batman
Jeffrey Wright as Gordon

Paul Dano going to play the role of 
Edward Nygma, aka The Riddler.

Paul Dano, Edward Nygma, The Riddler, batman, dc, the batman, dceu
Paul Dano as Edward Nygma aka The Riddler

last but not the least

Zoe Kravitz going to play the role of
Selina Kyle, aka Cat-Woman.

Zoe Kravitz, Selina Kyle, Batwoman, dc, dceu, the batman, batman, cat, the cat
Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle aka Batwoman

We know for sure that Robert Pattinson is going to play the role of Bruce Wayne, aka The Batman but another confirmed news about Cat-Woman character that Zoe Kravitz is going to play that role.

Robert Pattinson, Bruce Wayne, Batman, the batman, dc, dceu
Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne aka Batman

Some of us are familiar with Zoe's voice,
She did a voiceover for Cat-Woman character in Lego The Batman movie.

Actually, most of us already knew that "Who is Selina Kyle?", aka Cat-Women.
But still, Let's take a look at details about this character.

Who is Selina Kyle?

This character made her debut as "The Cat" in Batman #1 (1940) comics.
Her real name is Selina Kyle.
Selina is Batman's most special love interest with a complicated love-hate relationship.
The Catwoman is a robber in Gotham City.
She wears a typical one-piece tight black outfit.
Initially, Catwoman is characterised as a villain of Batman.
She is a bit difficult to understand.
Sometimes, she stood by the right things & some times go for bad things also, or we can say doing wrong things for the right reasons.

She works as a dominant person for her survival on the Gotham streets.
She learned self-defence & martial arts.
Later, she led to burglary, to be undetected, she made a black catsuit.
After she met Batman & saw him fighting with criminals, she gets an idea,
"If there is a bat then there can also be a cat".

These are small details of Selina Kyle.
I don't know how matt reeves going to show this character in The Batman film, but I know one thing for sure that this is definitely going to be an interesting character in the movie.

There are also lots of characters that I am interested to know more about them.
Like Penguin, Edward Nygma etc.,

penguin, riddler, nygma, ed nygma, edward nygma, batman, dc, dceu, the batman, gotham
Penguin (In Black suit) & Edward Nygma(The Riddler in green suit)

In the Gotham series, these two characters are some of my most favourite characters.

As soon as I received more updates related to The Batman movie I'll let you know.
Till then, if you have more details about The Batman movie, then please feel free share in the comment section below.

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