Tony Stark back in MCU? | Iron Heart | Origin & Fan Theory

Tony Stark, Iron Heart, Iron Man, Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU
Tony Stark & Iron Heart


In this article, I am going to discuss one of the most exciting fan-theory & details related to the theory.

Tony Stark is one of the most loving characters from the Marvel Universe.

Robert Downy Jr., Tony Stark, Iron Man, MCU, Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe
Robert Downy, Jr.

Robert Downy Jr. played Tony Stark, aka Iron Man character, which makes a massive impact on all Marvel fans.
Unfortunately, In Avengers Endgame, Tony Stark sacrifices himself to destroy Thanos & bring all people back who got vanished because of Thanos.

Tony Stark, Iron Man, Thanos, Mad Titan, MCU, Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe
Tony Stark, aka Iron Man & Thanos

It was a heart-touching moment for all Marvel fans.
People can't imagine MCU without Tony Stark.

The contract of Robert Downy Jr. with Marvel Cinematic Universe is over now.
We are never going to see RDJ playing as Iron Man in future MCU movies.


There are some possibilities for RDJ 's appearance as Tony Stark in future MCU movies.
In this article, We'll be going to discuss some fan theories related to it & how it relates to comic books. 

It's confirmed that Robert Downy Jr. is not coming back to play Iron Man in future MCU movies. Still, he can return for the voiceover to Iron Heart's AI(Artificial Intelligence).

If it's true, then it's going to make all Marvel fans very happy.
But, some of us might have a question in their mind that,


Iron Heart

Iron Heart first appeared in Invincible Iron Man Vol. 2 before the Civil War events.
It's all started when the father of Riri Williams (later known as Iron Heart) died, then she lives with her mother and her paternal aunt Sharon.
Riri Williams is different than an average child.
She is brilliant & intelligent at the age of 5.

At a very early age, She invented lots of things which are not possible for an average child at that age.
At the age of 11, Riri Williams gets admission to MIT because of her excellent performance in studies.

At the age of 15, by working alone, she designed a suit of armor, which is similar to the Iron Man Armor & for that, she has stolen the material from the MIT Campus.

When she designed this suit, she called her friend to show it to her.
Friend asked her how she manages to get the material required to build this suit.
Riri told her the truth.
Her friend scared and asks her that, What if they (MIT Campus Security) know the truth?
Immediately after that, MIT Campus security knocks at her door because they saw her in the security camera footage.
She had no choice.
She flees while wearing the suit.

While flying over the sky with her suit, she saw a truck running at full speed & the police chasing it.
Prisoners stole that truck & tried to escape.
Riri stopped the truck and handover the inmates to the Police.
While doing that, her suit got damaged.
Also, the Police tried to catch her, but she manages to escape.
Later she named her as Iron Heart.

This is her basic details according to the comics.

Now, You might think, 

how is this related to Tony Stark's appearance?


According to the comics, Tony Stark tried to help her.
But then another question,
Tony Stark is dead now,
 so how can he help her to become a superheroine?

Here comes our fan theory.
In MCU, Pepper Potts may help Riri Willams instead of Tony Stark (because he is dead). This is mentioned in comics also where she tries to tell her about the problems of being a superheroine.

Pepper Potts, Rescue Armor, marvel, mcu, marvel cinematic universe
Pepper Potts with Rescue Armor

We know that Tony Stark is an expert at making AI's. It's a possibility that he might build his own AI looks like him with his own knowledge, or we can say a copy of his brain, so in future, it may help others.
Its also mentioned in the comics that Tony Stark build an AI exactly looks like him.

Pepper might help Riri to upgrade her armor with this AI.

Tony Stark AI, Tony Stark, Iron Man, Riri Williams, Iron Heart, Pepper Potts, marvel, mcu, marvel cinematic universe
Tony Stark AI

This AI may help Riri in critical conditions by providing suggestions.
According to the comic,
Both Riri with Iron Heart armor & Pepper with her RESCUE armor fought with Techno Golem and Biohack Ninjas.

Techno Golem, Biohack Ninja's, marvel, mcu, marvel cinematic universe, pepper potts, iron heart
Techno Golem & Biohack Ninja's

So its a possibility that we may see Tony Stark in future MCU movies but as an AI of the armor of Iron Heart.

Its just a theory.
Please feel free to share your thoughts about this theory in the Comment Section below.

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