Possible Supervillains after THANOS | Explained

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Super-Villains After Thanos

Today, we'll be going to talk about some possible super-villains that we may see in future MCU movies.
For the last 10 years, Marvel Studios are best in showing supervillains because of the excellent planning of Kevin Feige & MCU Team.

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Kevin Feige

The most essential part is MCU achieve this big success without having their key characters from Marvel Universe.
They didn't have the rights of those characters.
But right now, Marvel Studios have rights of almost all Marvel Characters.

Without having the rights of Marvel's key characters, they achieve enormous success. Still, now they have almost all rights, so you can imagine where MCU stands now.

It's Un-Imaginable!

The villains are the most vital part of making movies more interesting & Marvel has such villain characters who have enough potential for that.
So let's discuss the most probable super-villains that may appear in future MCU movies in Phase 4 or Phase 5.


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There are more cosmic threats in the Marvel Universe than Thanos.

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Annihilus and his army are one of the older & stronger threats in the Marvel Universe.
Annihilus first appeared in Marvel's Fantastic Four #6, which released in November 1968.
Annihilus is a ruler of a Negative Zone, who control its habitants with his powerful Cosmic Control Rod.

Annihilus with his Cosmic Control Rod, cosmic control rod, annihilus, marvel, marvel studios, mcu
Annihilus with his Cosmic Control Rod

Basically, the Negative Zone is an Antimatter Universe where the Laws of Physics not worked.
There is no doubt that Annihilus fought more often with Fantastic Four & with his fleet, its kind of challenging to stop Annihilus.
In short, if this villain appears in MCU, then definitely we'll be going to see another Avengers Assemble.
If there is any entity that can stop Annihilus, then it's Galactus.
By the way, Galactus is next in my super-villain list.


Galactus, marvel, marvel studios, mcu

Galactus eats Planets to satiate his hunger.
This is enough to know how strong he is & how difficult to beat him.
If he appears in MCU, then for Avengers, its definitely going to be more difficult than Thanos.
Galactus is one of the oldest Marvel's Super-Villains.
Galactus first appeared in Marvel's Fantastic Four #48, which released in March 1966.
According to the comics, there was a massive fight between Galactus & Thor.
I will explain this fight in my other article, it was damn impressive.

If there is a Galactus, then we also going to see Silver Surfer.

Silver surfer, mcu, marvel, fantastic four, marvel studios, galactus
Silver surfer


Kang: The Conqueror, marvel, marvel studios, mcu
Kang: The Conqueror

Nathaniel Richards is a master of Time Travel.
He was born in the year 3000 but he more interested in 28th Century than his own.
He creates his own multiple versions by travelling through different timelines.
Nathaniel Richards, aka Kang, is quite dangerous because he wants to misuse Time Travelling.
He has Future Technology, Future Fighting Knowledge & an adamant Armor, which makes him stronger & a bit difficult for Avengers to beat him.


Doctor Doom, Fantastic Four, marvel Studios, marvel, mcu
Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is one of the strong villains from the Marvel Universe.
He is known as Doctor Victor Von Doom.
He easily defeated many Marvel superheroes.
He even beat Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Iron Man & Avengers also.
He has knowledge of mystic arts.
He first appeared in Marvel's Fantastic Four #5, which released in July 1962.
With his armor, he can fly, he can bear any attack & also can make a powerful blast.
Even without his armor, Doctor Doom is quite dangerous with his knowledge of Magic & Science.

After the Disney-Fox deal, it becomes more interesting to watch future MCU movies with such new characters.
I know these villains that I mentioned are all related to the Fantastic Four, but they are more significant threats to Avengers also.
Probably MCU going to introduce them in Phase 4 & Phase 5.
If it happens, then its going to be very exciting.

If you guys have any other details
your views over MCU's future villains
 then please feel free to mention in the comment section below.

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