This Character from recent MCU movies is going to be a part of Thor: Love & Thunder | Confirmed

Thor: Love & Thunder, Thor, Lady Thor, Marvel, marvel Studios, MCU, marvel Cinematic Universe
Thor: Love & Thunder

We have got some confirmed news about Thor: Love and Thunder upcoming MCU movie.
Some old Thor friendly characters going to be a part of Thor: Love and Thunder movie.

Today, in this article we'll be going to talk about details that have been confirmed by sources and even by movie director Taika Waititi.

Taika Waititi, thor, marvel, thor: love & thunder
Taika Waititi


As we know, Thor: Love & Thunder movie is in working.
This is Thor's 4th standalone movie which going to make some changes in MCU.

The character which we are mentioned in the title of this article is Korg.

Korg, Thor, marvel, thor: Love and Thunder, marvel studios, mcu, marvel cinematic universe

Taika Waititi himself going to play this character.
Korg is one of the funniest characters.
We had already experienced that in Thor: Ragnarok movie.
We saw Korg in two MCU movies till now, Thor: Ragnarok & Avengers Endgame.

In this movie, we'll be going to see Marvel Studio's first Female Thor.

Female Thor, Thor, marvel, marvel studios, mcu, marvel cinematic Universe
Female Thor

There might be a possibility that Taika Waititi can explore Jane Foster's breast cancer angle in this movie.

Taika Waititi also clarified a few details related to Thor: Love & Thunder.
He also confirmed some details regarding Natalie Portman's role in Thor: Love & Thunder.

Natalie Portman, Thor, Female Thor, Marvel, marvel studios, mcu, marvel cinematic universe
Natalie Portman


Now, its confirmed that Thor character from recent MCU movies is also going to be a part of Thor: Love & Thunder.
After Avengers Endgame, we thought that Thor's next appearance will be a part of Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3.
Also, Some fans titled that movie as Asgardians of the Galaxy.
As of now the work on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 movie is postponed.
We may see those characters in Thor: Love & Thunder movie.

According to the Comic-Con this year, we knew that Natalie Portman is assigned in Thor: Love & Thunder to play Female Thor 
who later may be called as Mighty Thor.
We may see her working as Mighty Thor alongside Thor.

We knew that Chris Hemsworth's contract with MCU is ended now, but he also said that if the exciting script offered, then he'll definitely going to do that film.

 Chris Hemsworth, Thor, marvel, mcu, marvel studios
Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Taika Waititi is not yet confirmed that they're going to show Thor's fat version or slim version.

As of now, some confirmed characters and respective cast are as follows:

1) Thor - Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth, aka THOR.
Chris Hemsworth, aka THOR.

2) Mighty Thor / Female Thor / Jane Foster - Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman, aka Jane Foster, aka Mighty Thor/Female Thor.
Natalie Portman, aka Jane Foster, aka Mighty Thor/Female Thor.

3) Valkyrie - Tessa Thompson 

Tessa Thompson, aka Valkyrie
Tessa Thompson, aka Valkyrie

4) Korg - Taika Waititi

Taika Waititi, aka Korg
Taika Waititi, aka Korg

According to the sources, Thor: Love & Thunder is going to release on November 5, 2021.

 Thats all I have till now on this topic.
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