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Joker (2019), Joker, DC, Batman
Joker (2019) - MDCZ

Joker movie breaks lots of records on box office & became one of the best films of 2019.
This movie also ranked in IMDB's Top 10.
All DC Fans loved this movie even this movie is a little bit different than the Joker's origin comic story.

Some events from this movie refer to multiple endings, 
Today we'll be going to discuss this.

First of all, extremely sorry for not being active.
I was busy gathering new content, new updates related to Marvel's Phase 4, and DCEU's future projects.

So without wasting your time, let's start this.

There is no doubt that this Joker movie is all about DC's iconic character, Joker's origin story.
In which, We saw that Joker has some adverse mental conditions, where he also got confused between real & imaginary events.

Joker is a story of Arthur Fleck, a party clown in Gotham City who suffered from adverse mental conditions & describes how he later became one of the iconic villains.

joker, dc, arthur fleck, Batman
The critical part where Arthur Fleck got shocked is when he realizes that some events that happened in his life are all part of his imagination.
Where he finds out the truth of his mother, Penny Fleck, a reality of his imaginary love affair with Sophie Dumond.

Penny Fleck with Arthur, dc, batman, joker
Penny Fleck with Arthur

Sophie Dumond with Arthur Fleck, dc, batman, joker
Sophie Dumond with Arthur Fleck

Did Bruce Wayne become BATMAN because of JOKER?

Joker's movie is a story of DC Comics, where Thomas Wayne, Martha Wayne & Bruce Wayne leaving the theatre because of the outburst & from here, every batman lover knows what happened with Wayne's family, which changes Bruce's entire life.
thomas wayne, bruce wayne, martha wayne, dc, batman, joker
Thomas & Martha Wayne got killed by Mask Man.

The masked man who killed Thomas & Martha Wayne just because Joker (Arthur Fleck) killed the employees of Wayne Enterprises.
So in this universe, Bruce Wayne becomes a BATMAN because of JOKER.

This is not the first time in DCEU that Joker is the reason behind the murder of Thomas & Martha Wayne,
In 1989's Batman movie, Thomas & Martha Wayne got killed by Joker itself.

Gotham City made Joker & Batman.
Where Joker & Batman both result of cruelty & increasing crimes in Gotham City.
Joker made to take revenge on an ungrateful society & Batman made to stop such cruelty and crimes in Gotham City.

In short, Joker made by Gotham & Batman made by Joker.

Is Arthur is the real JOKER?

There are lots of people who wore the clown mask & causing the outburst in Gotham City,
but the main question is,
Is Arthur Fleck is the real Joker 
someone else who is follower Arthur Fleck later becomes Joker & becomes clown prince of crimes of Gotham City?

Movie director Todd Philips never confirmed the age of Arthur Fleck in the movie.

Todd Philips, Director of Joker, Joker, DC, Batman
Todd Philips - Director of Joker

but according to the movie, we can guess the age of Arthur Fleck can be around 30-35 years,
When Bruce Wayne become Batman after 20 years at that time, Arthur Fleck can be about 50-55 years old.
In short, when Joker & Batman will fight against each other at that time that Joker can't be Arthur Fleck. It must be someone else who inspired by Arthur Fleck.

Joker is just an Inspiration, or we can say an Influencer.
In Gotham series, character Jeremiah Valeska acting as Joker in the Tv Series.
There are different Joker characters present in the DC Universe.

Jeremiah Valeska, Joker, Gotham, dc, batman
Jeremiah Valeska in and as Joker in Gotham Series

If any of you didn't watch the Gotham series, then I'll prefer you must watch that series.
You'll be going to love this series.
Thoroughly surprise and action-packed series & one of the best DC series, or we can say Batman-related series I ever watched.


Now, let's get back to our main point,

Is that Ending is Real Ending & Message behind it? 

This movie shows that How the shortage in Mental Health Care Centre Funding affects the mentally ill person (Arthur Fleck) to leave him all alone against the entire society, which disrespects such person by making fun of them like we saw in Murray Franklin's Talk Show.

Murray Franklin, joker, arthur fleck, dc
Murray Franklin

The ending of this movie is ambiguous.
Because whatever we discuss above can be the ending of this movie.
It is possible that another person got inspired by Arthur Fleck's actions & emerge as a real Joker.
It's also possible that Arthur Fleck is real Joker because the age of Arthur Fleck in the movie is not yet confirmed.

If we ignored the age fact, then we can say Arthur Fleck is the real Joker.

One thing is for sure that in the end, Arthur Fleck going to be in Arkham Asylum because of his crimes.

This is all I have on Joker.
If you have different thoughts, then feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.
Please Watch GOTHAM 
you will never ever regret that.

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