The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 3 | Review and Breakdown | Sharon Carter, Baron Zemo, Power Broker


The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 3
Review and Breakdown
Sharon Carter, Baron Zemo, Power Broker

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In this article, I am gonna review and breakdown the latest episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.
I will answer questions related to Power Broker and Sharon Carter and some important details from episode 3 of Falcon and The Winter Soldier series.
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Episode 3 of the Falcon and The Winter Soldier series was above my expectations.

We saw Bucky in action, which is pretty good.
But, Two persons impressed me a lot, Sharon Carter and Baron Zemo.

Also, the music was superb.
I really like that too.

This is definitely gonna be the most-watched and best episode on Disney Plus.
Some people will think that I might be over-exaggerating, but, really guys, atleast for me, this episode was superb.

Let's start the breakdown and point out important details so you understand what happened in this episode.


New Captain America and Battlestar failed to get intel on Karli, so they decided to track Sam and Bucky, so they could lead them to Karli Morgenthau.

In the beginning, we saw How Bucky smartly broke Zemo out of jail, so he could help Sam and Bucky.
They wanna know where the Super Soldier Serum came from, so they went to Madripoor city to meet a woman named Selby.

Madripoor isn't the city of the good guys.
Madripoor is in complete control of Power Broker.
To blend in, Bucky acted like he is still the Winter Soldier.
He is so popular in Madripoor.

John Walker figured out that Sam and Bucky are behind Zemo's jail breakout. Still, he decided to hide it from the government until he finds Karli.

Zemo, Sam & Bucky met Selby to find out about the Super Soldier Serum.
But, during the deal, Sam got exposed because of Sarah's phone call.

They engaged in an attack, but Sharon suddenly appeared and helped them.
In the entire episode, Sharon was superb; her action scenes are fab.

She was still running from the government. She wasn't pardoned yet, so Sam made a deal with her to clear her name to help them find Dr. Wilfred Nagel, who successfully created a Super Soldier serum.

When they found Nagel, they realized that he experimented on Isaiah's blood and created 20 vials of a better version of Super Soldier Serum. Those vials were stolen by Karli Morgenthau; this is what exactly I said in my last theory.

But, I also said that the person who gave death threats to Karli might not be the Power Broker. I'll explain that in my theory part.

After the interrogation, Zemo killed doctor Nagel.

See, Zemo's motive is so damn clear. He hates superheroes and superpowers. Zemo killed Nagel because he doesn't want him to create more serum, and Nagel was the only one who can create them.

Later, Sam, Bucky, and Zemo went to find Madani, but She was dead, so they went to Riga, Latvia.

There Bucky met with the Wakandan Member of Dora Milaje.
She was after Zemo because we all know that Zemo killed their old king, T'Chaka. That was an interesting part to see Wakandan people in the series.

We also saw, Flag Smashers are stealing the medicines to help the poor peoples.

But, their way is not good, especially what Karli is doing was wrong.

She literally blasted the building, including a bunch of soldiers inside it.

She doesn't care about the lives she is taking while doing the good work.

Other members got surprised after watching blast the entire building with a bunch of soldiers inside it.


Now, let's move on to my theory.
Let's talk about Karli first.

As we know, she stole 20 vials of super-soldier serum, but the Flag Smashers group has only 8 members. One of them got killed at the end of the last episode, so there are 12 vials left.
What are Karli's plans for that are not disclosed yet.

Now, after the death of Nigel, Power Broker doesn't have any other option but to make a deal with Flag Smashers.
Now, there are so many rumors about Sharon Carter that She is the Power Broker.

All of them are bullshit, so don't trust those rumors and don't expect something like that, which later could disappoint you.
There's a simple proof that clarifies She isn't the Broker Broker.

Somewhere in this episode, Zemo told Sam & Bucky that he knew about Power Broker. He wasn't talking about the person here, just what the Power Broker does.

That means he knew him before, Civil War because, until now, He was in jail all the time with high security.

So, definitely, it's not gonna be Sharon Carter, but She is definitely one of the important people in Madripoor.

We'll know about that in the next episode.

I also think Baron Zemo will betray Sam and Bucky after the mission.

There is a high chance that Power Broker gonna be a new character.

I also that Thunderbolt Ross is somehow involved in all these.
One thing is sure that, from the next episodes, we'll see some deep discovery about Sharon, introduction to Patriot, and Sam getting that Shield back.

Let me know what you guys think about this episode in the comment section below.

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