The Flash Season 7 Ep 6 | Review And Breakdown | Time God , New Force | CW | DCTV


The Flash Season 7 Ep 6 | Review And Breakdown | Time God , New Force | CW | DCTV

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In this article, I am gonna break down the 6th episode of Season 7 of The Flash series.

I'll explain some important details from this episode, so watch the video till the end.

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Now, let's start this article.


This episode was a kind of balanced episode.
Means not that great and not that bad.

Just like I told you in my last breakdown, they have introduced us to the new villain.

But, this time, we know what is actually happening in this series.

I'll share those details with you in the breakdown.
There is no Flash action in this episode; as we know, he is in a Cryo Chamber.

So let's start this breakdown to understand important details from this episode.


The episode starts with some strange things happening in Central City.

A Dinosaur appeared in the city, the real one.

On the other hand, Chester and Cisco figured out a way to track these new villains to be aware of these monsters' presence.

Until Barry stabilizes, Speed Force needs to be protected because this time, She can't survive another attack.
She was weak.

Cisco and Chester went to test their machine, but suddenly a green energy barrier passed them and trapped them inside that barrier.

They were trapped inside the Time Loop.
They were living the same day, in 1998, again and again.
They decided to find out the person responsible for this Time Loop.

They named him the Time God.

On the other hand, Iris and Nora were talking about Barry and his feelings about his mother.

In short, we can say Nora, The Speed Force, tried to connect with Barry.

While Cisco and Chester were searching for Time God and found a way to solve this issue, Chester crossed his path with his father.

Then He realized how much Chester's father has sacrificed his life for Chester.

Later, Chester and Cisco went back to high school to figure out a way to solve this issue.
Suddenly, the Time God appeared in front of them and tried to stop them.

He started spreading his energy barrier over the entire city.
Everyone started getting trapped inside that time loop.

Time God was emotionally weak, and he suffered a lot in his life, and that's why He created a time loop to enjoy the special day again and again in his life.

Chester convinced him to stop this attack, and he succeeded in that.

But, Time God also realized the depth of his powers and went to explore that.

That means he is definitely gonna do some bad shit in the next episodes.

Later, they showed us that Barry now has been completely stabilized.

Here's the important part come.

At the end of this episode, they realized that the villains they are facing now are the different kinds of forces like the Speed Force.

Like, Fuerza is Strength Force, Psych is a Saige Force, Time God is a Still Force.

Cisco gave them these names.

I have a theory on this which I'll tell you later.

On the other hand, Joe came and told Frost about officer Christine.

He told her that, She is here to arrest Frost.

But, rather than hiding, Frost decided to face Christine.
And Here, Episode 6 ends.


This episode really gave lots of details about what's happening in the series.

As we know, there are three more different kinds of forces.
So, in short, we can say that, when Speed Force was reborn, there are 3 more forces has been formed.

This can clarify the 4 different colors.

I also think Speed Force is hiding something.
Maybe I might be wrong about this.

But, She seems kinda weird while talking with Cisco at the end of this episode.

Let me know what you guys think about it in the comment section below.

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Flash Season 7 Episode 6 Review And Breakdown

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