The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 4 | Review and Breakdown


The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 4 
Review and Breakdown

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In this article, I will break down all the important details from the 4th episode of Falcon And Winter Soldier.

I am not gonna keep this a lengthy breakdown. I will only explain the important details from this episode, so watch it till the end.

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Now, Let's start this article.


Episode 4 of Falcon and Winter Soldier was pretty good. It gives us more clarity on, How Sam is gonna take that Shield back.

I liked this episode.

They've shown us, How Sam belive in Karli's motive.

This episode shows us why Sam deserves to be a new Captain America and Why John Walker doesn't deserve that.

There is not so much footage of Sharon Carter in this episode.

But, overall, I liked this episode.

Let's start this breakdown to understand important details from this episode.


Episode 4 begins with showing us Ayo, which means the member of Dora Milje, who helped Bucky clean his mind from the Hydra's experiment.

Ayo offered Bucky 8 hours to finish their work because after that they'll gonna come to take Zemo.

They didn't reveal Who is the Power Broker in this episode also.

Power Broker again threatened Karli to return his Super Soldier Serum, or he told her that he would kill her.

Sam, Bucky, and Zemo find out Karli's location.

Sam wanted to talk her down because He believes Karli is doing good work, but She is on the wrong path.

But, when they decided to meet her, suddenly John and Lemar joined them.

John was too impatient. He just wanted to end this all by fighting.

But, Sam wanted to talk with her.

This shows, Why Sam deserves more to have that Shield than John.

Lemar agreed to Sam.

John offered Sam only 10 minutes to talk with Karli because of Lemar.

Sam and Karli were having a good discussion.

Sam tried to explain how Flag Smasher's motive is good, but their way is wrong.

It seems like, at some, Karli was trying to understand him.

But, John was too impatient.

He just wanted to arrest Karli, so He interrupted their conversation.

Karli is pissed off because of that and misjudges Sam.

While running away from them, Karli crossed paths with Zemo, and She accidentally drops all Super Soldier Serum vials.

Zemo immediately destroyed the vials, but he misses one, which later John took for himself.

When they all went back, three members of Dora Milje arrived to take Zemo with them.

John misbehaved with Ayo, which turned out to be a bad decision for him.

They literally kicked his ass.

But, In this fight, Zemo smartly escaped.

On the other hand, Karli and her team made a plan to kill John Walker, the new Captain America.

But, She didn't want Sam to interfere.

So that's why, to distract Sam, She took the help of Sam's sister Sarah.

She threatened her.

What Karli wanted was really good, her intentions were never wrong, but she crossed the line while doing that.

But, when Sam figured out their plan, He went to stop them from killing him.

But, when they fought with John, their plan was completely failed.

John already took the Super Soldier Serum, which turned out to be a bad luck Flag Smashers.

But, here's the twist part come.

In this fight, Lemar got killed, which John couldn't handle well.

He ran after the flag smashers and brutally killed one of them in front of people.

And here the episode ends.


Now, one thing is for sure that, after this event, John Walker will be banished from being a new Captain America, and eventually Sam will take over the Shield.

Power Broker is definitely gonna be the ultimate big bad.

Now, I thought that Power Broker is gonna be a new character, but Now I am also confused about that.

There are only 2 episodes left, and we didn't even saw the Big Bad of this series.

It could be anyone that we saw earlier or a new character.

They might introduce him as they introduced Mysterio in Spiderman Far From Home.

Like, this is a new character but somehow connected to MCU's past.

Let me know what you all think about this in the comment section below.

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