Marvel's Upcoming Disney Plus Series - Iron Heart | Updates


Marvel's Upcoming Disney Plus Series - Iron Heart | Updates

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In this article, I am gonna share some updates on Marvel’s upcoming Disney plus series Iron Heart.

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After Falcon and The Winter Soldier ended, most of the Marvel fans don’t know what to do on Friday’s because until June 11, there is no new Marvel content.

Loki series will be released on June 11.

We might don’t have new Marvel content but, there are lots of new updates coming out about Marvel’s upcoming Disney Series and movies.

The updates that I am about to share with you are related to upcoming Marvel’s Disney Plus series, Iron Heart.

Recently, Variety has shared new reports and according to those reports, Marvel has selected Chinaka Hodge as a writer for the upcoming Iron Heart series.

Hodge is a part of some hit projects like snowpiercer.

It will definitely be a interesting story.

Also, We have some updates on the total number of episodes for the Iron Heart series.

According to those reports, Iron Heart is gonna be a shorter than recently released WandaVision series.

The Iron Heart series will have a total 6 episodes.

Production of the Iron Heart series will probably start in May.

But, right now, we are in a pandemic situation, so production may delay further.

It will be really interesting to see some new characters that Marvel is introducing now.

Riri Williams aka Iron Heart is a really interesting character.

She is really smart and Talented.

I’ll keep you updated about the cast and other details about this series.

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