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The Flash Season 7


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In this article, I will breakdown episodes 4 and 5 of The Flash series.

I am only gonna explain major details from these episodes.
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These two episodes were really good.
In the 4th episode, they have shown us the after-effects of Eva's attack and how people are traumatized by those attacks, including Iris.

They have shown us how they all are dealing with that trauma and also shown us team Flash is dealing with Kadabra.

In the 5th episode, we saw Team Flash figuring out how to find that huge female monster introduced in episode 4.

Let's start the breakdown, so you'll understand those details.


In the episode, Team Flash volunteered to help rebuild the city after Eva's destruction.

Iris was facing trauma just like other people who were trapped in Eva's mirror verse.

But, later, She decided to face that trauma rather than avoiding it.

While helping the city, Barry and others find out that Kadabra is back in the city.

Barry, Cisco, and Frost went to face him and then arrested him.

But, they didn't know that; it was all Kadabra's plan.
He wanted to get arrested for getting his hands on the unique weapon stored in the Argus facility.
He wanted to destroy the entire city just because he wanted his revenge on Flash.

Barry started thinking that he is responsible for this.
But, while talking with Iris, he realized why Kadabra is doing this.

Kadabra traveled back from the Future, where he got his hands on the memories from the multiverse.
In a different timeline, Kadabra had a good family, but that's all gone after the crisis event.

Kadabra found Barry responsible for this, and that's why He wanted his revenge.

Later, barry talked him down and stopped that attack.
But, suddenly, a giant female creature appeared and attacked Barry.

Kadabra tried to help Barry, but that monster killed Kadabra.

She absorbed all energy from the attacks attempted on her by Barry and Kadabra.

Then She left after hurting Barry.

In this episode, Kaitlyn was having an intense headache, which later separated Frost and Caitlyn into different bodies.

In episode 5, they have shown us why this all happened.

When Eva attacked Frost, it started changing her.

Everyone was literally shocked after seeing that.

Caitlyn wanted to fix this because She doesn't wanna live a life without Frost.

In short, She was missing Frost.

But, Frost wanted to enjoy this life.

Later, Team Flash found the same energy levels as that female monster whom Cisco gave a name and called her Fuerza.

Someone suddenly appeared but, this time, it was Barry's speed force.

She was wounded.

Then they started monitoring her.

After that, a new villain arrived who had a similar energy level to Fuerza.

He was a psychic villain, whom Cisco called Psych.
Psych used his powers to spread chaos in the entire city.
He used people's worst fears against them.
Barry also suffered it twice.

Cecile was the only one who can defeat him, but She needed an extra boost to spread her energy over the entire city.

Barry used DeVoe's chair to expand Cecile's mental capacity.

Later, while running towards Psych, Barry again trapped in his worst nightmare, but this time he beat that and successfully passed, Psych's energy barrier.

Cecile's used her powers and successfully defeated Psych.

On the other hand, Frost and Caitlyn decided to stay separated. Caitlyn offered Frost to be her roommate.

An officer named Kristin Carmer came for investigation.
She was there to arrest Frost for her past crimes.
At the end of this episode, Barry started struggling with his speed force.

To stabilize him, he decided to went to Cryo Sleep.
Nora means the Speed Force woke up, and after talking with her, everyone realized that Fuerza, Psych, all these enemies are just like Nora.

That means their energy levels are similar to the Speed Force.

Here, the 5th episode ends.


Right now, I think after Team Flash reformed the original Speed force, it also gives powers to other villains, or this new energy is the reason behind the creation of such monsters like Fuerza.

In new episodes, we'll definitely gonna see some more monsters like this.

In the next episode, Nora, The Speed Force will help team Flash get Barry back in action, and then they all going to work on how to deal with these monsters.
Also, I think Frost and Caitlyn will merge again to save Frost from getting arrested, or they'll convince the higher authority to forgive her.

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