Few things that are different than Comics in LUCIFER


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'LUCIFER' is one of the most popular DC series and personally my favorite DC series.
Recently, I posted an article related to the updates about Lucifer's last season - Season 6.
Today, I am going to show you a few details about Lucifer's storyline and how they're different than the comics.

Like Arrow, Gotham, or Flash, this adaptation of famous DC title only uses the basics of its source material before introducing its own story.
The same thing happened with Lucifer too.

First of all, Lucifer finally survived cancellation and extended to the final season, Season 6.
This only happens because of its intense fandom.
Oh! and I am one of them.

Now, let's discuss some of those details about Lucifer.
First, let me tell those details which are similar to the comics.

There are a few details which are similar in both comic and series.
Like LUX and Abandoning Hell.

Abandoning Hell


After thousands of years, Lucifer decided that he no longer want to do the things that he believed he supposed to do in hell.
So, he decided to abandon the hell and retired on Earth.
The same story starts in both comics and series.

The only difference in this is,
In comics, Lucifer took Dream's words to heart in Sandman before leaving hell
In series, He comes to his decision all by himself.

The Latex Lux


Lucifer's Lux is located in Los Angeles.
Lux serves as Lucifer's home and his base of operations.
Lux is a Piano bar, where Lucifer enjoys his life with his own rules.
There is a slight difference here,
In comics, Lucifer doesn't spend much time in his LUX.
He is usually on his off-world adventure.
In series, it focuses on his life around LUX and its day-to-day operations.

Now the things which are different in comics.

1) Connection to DC Characters

Lucifer was published by the Vertigo Comics(DC Comics), which contains all mature stories.
In comics, there are many encounters with the DC Characters like
some of his crossovers include facing with John Constantine in The New 52 reboot and his conversations with Dream in Sandman.
In series, they make no mentions of other DC Characters, like superheroes and other residents that Lucifer met in the past.

But in DC's Crisis On The Infinite Earths, we saw his crossover where he is meeting with John Constantine, John Diggle, and Mia Smokes.

lucifer meeting constantine, john diggle and mia smokes

2) Story Structure

In comics, Lucifer embarks on a journey to save all creations.
This led him to various adventures, in which he faced with different beings from worlds and different dimensions.

In series, the story follows with crime series with some supernatural twists.
In which, Lucifer helps detective Chloe Decker in solving crimes.

chloe decker

3) State of Hell

lucifer itting on throne

After spending thousands of years on the throne, Lucifer abandoned the hell and leaves the throne.
This turns out to be a big mistake because after Lucifer leaves the throne, the hell fell apart quickly without the leadership.
Even God forced himself to beg the former Lord of Damned to return.

But, In comics, hell was fine after Lucifer's abandonment.
Unlike the series, God already had some contingency plans ready in case of Lucifer's retirement.
In Lucifer's place, a pair of angels was fooled by God into returning hell.

4) Maze / Mazikeen

Mazikeen / Maze

Lucifer has some friends, and Mazikeen is one of his well-known friends.

In comics, She is the only person with whom Lucifer openly shows affection.
In series, Mazikeen's relationship with Lucifer is different.
She is the best friend of Lucifer since Lucifer's love interest was Detective Chloe Decker.

5) Amenadiel


In both comics and series, Lucifer has to deal with his brother and the angel from heaven 'Amendiel.'
Amenadiel is driven by his loyalty to God and his hatred for Lucifer.

In comics, he is a single-minded nuisance.
He dies after being outsmarted by the former angel.

In series, Amenadiel questions God's authority and also allies with Lucifer.

6) The Catalyst


In comics, Lucifer receives a mission from God.
He could name any price he wants, but he is suspicious of  God's real motive.

In series, Lucifer feeling sympathy first time after his human friend was killed outside his club.
It leads him to work with the LAPD Detective Chole Decker to solves the crime.

7) Lucifer's Personality

Lucifer is a different person in comics and series.

In comics, He is more likely an arrogant sociopath.
He does value his allies, but in general, he couldn't have cared more for others than himself.

In series, We've seen more human and emotional side of Lucifer.
He hides his genuine emotions behind a sarcastic face.

The series shows his discovery of what love and mortality means.
It focused around Lucifer's connection with those around him.
The series is simpler than Lucifer's comics source.

We can't define who is better, Comic, or Series?
Both have their own charisma.

If you have any other details related to this,
Please feel free to share it in the comment section below.

I'll see you soon with another post.

Stay Safe!
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