Possible next generation of superheroes in MCU

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Today I'm going to talk about the next generation of MCU superheroes like 'Young Avengers.'
After the Avengers Endgame, we're going to see some new superheroes in future MCU movies.
Kevin Fiege also said that from now on, they're focusing on introducing the 'Young Avengers.'
According to some rumors and some confirmed news, I've made a list of some superheroes that we may see in future MCU movies.

1) Morgan Stark (Iron Man / Iron Heart)

morgan stark
Morgan Stark - Daughter of Tony Stark 

We may see Morgan Stark in the next MCU phases.
I'm not sure about her appearance in Phase 4, but after that, we may see her.
We saw her in one of the deleted footage of Avengers Endgame movie.
Katherin Langford was playing the role of Morgan Stark, and in future movies, we're going to see her playing the same character.
Right now the big question is, 
"What will she become?"
Iron Man or Iron Heart?

In Comics, Iron Heart(Riri Williams) takes responsibility for Iron Man

Riri Willams, Iron Heart
Riri Williams aka Iron Heart

2) Amadeus Cho (The Totally Awesome Hulk)

amadeus cho, the hulk
Amadeus Cho aka The Hulk

In Avengers Age of Altron, we saw Helen Cho, who treats Hawk-Eye and helps Ultron in the creation of Vision.

helen cho
Helen Cho

Amadeus Cho is son of Helen Cho.
In Comics, Amadeus Cho becomes The Totally Awesome Hulk (The New Hulk).
This Hulk looks quite similar to the Professor Hulk.

In Comics, with his Hulk powers, he is known as Brawn.
He is a member of the Agents of Altas.
We don't have any strong hints in MCU that predict his presence in future MCU movies yet.
According to some Fan Theories, We may see him in future MCU movies.

3) Kate Bishop (Hawk-Eye)

kate bishop, hawkeye
Kate Bishop aka Hawk-Eye

Before taking retirement as Hawk-Eye, Clint Barton going to train Kate Bishop to take his position and responsibilities and become the New Hawk-Eye.
Whom we'll be going to see in 'Hawkeye' TV series.
We'll definitely see her in future MCU movies because Kevin Fiege already confirmed that all TV Series characters are going to join the next MCU movies.

4) Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel)

kamala khan, ms marvel
Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel

In Disney Plus's recent announcements, they also introduced Ms. Marvel TV Series.
Ms. Marvel is one of the Inhumans.
That means MCU will definitely going to introduce us to other Inhumans before introducing Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel.

5) Sam Alexander (NOVA)

sam alexander, nova
Sam Alexander aka NOVA

Most probably, all the Nova Corps of Xandar might be destroyed in the destruction of Xandar by Thanos, but some might survive, and maybe Sam Alexander is one of the Survivors.
Most probably, MCU may give us hints related to Nova in Phase 5's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3.
Because In Comics, Rocket Racoon and Gamora gave training to Sam Alexander, where they also taught him how to use his father's Black Nova Helmet.

6) Monica Rambeau (Spectrum)

monica rambeau, spectrum
Monica Rambeau aka Spectrum

We already saw Monica Rambeau in one of the MCU movies but without powers.
In Captain Marvel, We saw her.
She is the daughter of Maria Rambeau.

Maria Rambeau

Monica Rambeau gains her superpowers after getting in contact with Extra-Dimensional Energy.
In Comics, She joins Mighty Avengers and later known as Spectrum.
MCU going to introduce Spectrum in the upcoming Disney Plus TV Series Wanda-Vision.
We saw her in some of the set images of Wanda-Vision.
Her powers are similar to the powers of Captain Marvel.

7) William Kaplan (Wiccan)

william kaplan, wiccan
William Kaplan aka Wiccan

William Kaplan, aka Wiccan, is a son of Wanda and Vision.
So he may appear in the upcoming Disney Plus TV Series Wanda-Vision.
Wiccan has Magic, Energy Blast, and Teleportation powers.
Wiccan also became the member of Young Avengers.
Wiccan is also an LGBTQ character whose partner is Hulkling.
The appearance of Hulkling in MCU is not confirmed yet.

8) Miles Morales (Spider-Man)

miles morales, spiderman
Miles Morales aka Spider-Man

We've already seen Miles Morales in Spiderman - Into The Spiderverse.
Lots of people don't know the fact about Miles Morales that he is already a part of MCU.
In Spiderman Homecoming, We saw the uncle of Miles Morales, Aaron Davis.

aaron davis, miles morales
Aaron Davis - Uncle of Miles Morales

According to the latest Disney-Sony deal, we may see Miles Morales in upcoming MCU movies.

9) Shuri (Black Panther)


We already saw Shuri in Black Panther as genius intellect,
But In Comics, Shuri also became Black Panther, who guard Wakanda in the absence of T'Challa.
After the Avengers Endgame, we may see Shuri with some new powers and some new action moves.
In the upcoming Black Panther 2 movie, we'll definitely be going to see her in some hardcore action.

10) Cassie Lang (Stature)

Cassie Lang aka Stature

Cassandra Lang(Cassie Lang) is the daughter of Scott Lang.
In Comics, after Scott's death, Cassie starts using Pym Particles.
But it not ends as it supposed to be, and because of its side effects, Cassie mutates, and thats how she gains her powers.
She gains powers that help her to control her size like Ant-Man.
We may see Cassie Lang in action in Ant-Man and The Wasp 3.

These are some of the characters that we may see as MCU's next generation of superheroes.

If you guys have any other details related to these or have any thoughts, then feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

See you in our next article.

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