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LOKI - Marvel's Upcoming Series

It's been a long time since I uploaded my last post. I caught up in the middle of something, but there are lots of news about Marvel and DC Universe to cover.
From now on, As soon as I get new updates, you'll be going to receive those without delays.
Today, I'll be going to share some details about one of Marvel's upcoming projects - 'LOKI - GOD OF MISCHIEF.'



Loki is one of those characters from MCU, who causes lot's of trouble to Avengers and always try to keep THOR away from Asgard, so he can rule over there.

thor and loki
Thor and Loki

We're going to talk about this Loki (Loki before the events of Thor: Ragnorok) because after Thor: Ragnorok, there are lots of things that happened in Loki's life, he is entirely different Loki from the older one like a good one. Still, unfortunately, Thanos killed this Loki in Avengers Infinity War.

thanos killling loki
Thanos Killing Loki

After events of Avengers Endgame, a new timeline created.
In which current Loki is not improved as we've seen before he died.
He didn't even get the chance to improve.
And the worst part is,
This Loki got away with the Tesseract Cube when Avengers try to obtain those Infinity Stones.

loki disappears with the tesseract cube
Loki disappears with Tesseract Cube.

We all know that, at the end of Avengers Endgame, Captain America traveled back through time to return all those Infinity Stones.
But, when Tony Stark & Scott Lang failed to obtain Tesseract Cube and Loki gets away with it, it creates another timeline where Tesseract Cube is not there where it supposed to be.
The story of this new series will be going to based on this Loki.

Disney + Big Game Spot (LOKI)

disney plus big game spot
Disney Plus's Big Game Spot

According to the 'Disney Plus's Big Game Spot,'
We can see that Loki has been captured by the 'TVA.'
Now, Some of you may not know about 'TVA.'

TVA stands for 'Time Variance Authority.'

Who are the TVA? Why They are after LOKI?

TVA people vanish those timelines which are going to be very dangerous and also stop those who try to disturb timelines by Time Travelling.
If TVA catch someone and he proves guilty, then TVA deletes that person from the entire timeline.

But, TVA captured the GOD OF MISCHIEF, and we all know what happens if someone goes against him. We all know what Loki is capable of.

Yeah, right! It's going to be a hell of a bad experience for TVA.

Also, In the Big Game Spot, he says, "I am gonna burn this place down."

Who is in trouble? Loki or TVA?

You are smart enough to guess this.

Possibility of Loki's Appearance in MCU Movies

There is a chance where Loki's story may be going to connect with Marvel's upcoming movie, 'Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness'.

It will be interesting to see this Loki in the current MCU timeline,
How is he going to be a massive headache for the Avengers?
What's going to happen when Loki and Thor meet each other?

Confirmed details about this Series

  • 6 Episodes in each season
  • Series were written by Michael Waldron.
  • Owen Wilson can play as one of the TVA agents.
  • Loki's multiple forms.
  • Sophia Di Martino going to play Loki's female version.

Michael Waldron is the writer who wrote 'Rick and Morty' which is an excellent show.
Just guess how interesting it's going to be.

Also, there is a high possibility that we may see Kid Loki, who later may join the Young Avengers.

Now, the release date,
It's still unconfirmed, because of Corona outbreak.
It's difficult to guess the release date until the situation gets under control.

I'll be writing more such articles related to the news, fan theories, or any other details.

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