Top 10 Most Powerful Asgardians in Marvel Cinematic Universe


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Today, we are going to talk about those Marvel characters, which are the most powerful warriors in the Marvel Universe.
Defeating these characters is a damn tricky job to do.
Even a big elite army may not be able to defeat them.

I personally think that we haven't seen the most powerful version of these characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet.
Today, we'll be going to know about such powerful characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the hidden facts about them.

10) The Warriors Three

The Warriors Three

Hogun The Grim, Fandral The Dashing, and Volstag The Svelte are the three members.
These three are some of the best warriors from Asgard and also best friends of Thor.
They protect the Asgardians, and whatever threat came in their way.
They handle any kind of weapon very quickly, but they're masters in using the weapon they love.
When it comes to protect the Asgardians and fight against its threats, then these three warriors never step back.
They bet their lives to save the people of Asgard.

9) Frigga


The mother of Thor - Freya, who is also known as Frigga, is one of the smartest and wise people in the Asgard.
She teaches magic to Loki, so he can stand with Thor against the threats that came in their way to protect Asgard.
Frigga was raised by witches and sorcerers, that's why she can easily recognize those who are not from the current time or the fake people.
She teaches magic to Loki, so You can guess How strong and powerful she was!



Valkyries is the group of the most powerful and elite warriors of Asgard.
We all know all valkyries except one are slaughtered by Hela - The Goddess of Death.
Valkyries have the power to sense the death, and that's why Odin sends all valkyries to stop Hela.
Hela is a deadly warrior. She single-handedly defeated all the valkyries, but one survived.

Hela - The Goddess of Death

The last Valkyrie elite warrior is Brunnhilde, whom Thor handover the Asgard after Avengers Endgame.
Brunnhilde's sword 'Dragonfang' can absorb magic and quickly gets through any mystical barrier.

7) LadySif

Lady Sif

Lady Sif is one of the mighty female warriors of Asgard.
She can do anything to protect all Asgardians like The Three Warriors.
She is also aa good and close friend of Thor.
She is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and also in using handheld weapons.
She has a magical sword by which she can travel through different dimensions.
We haven't seen that yet in any MCU films.
She died when Thanos wipe out half of the Universe population, but in Avengers Endgame, she was resurrected by Avengers.

6) Heimdall


Heimdall has super visionary powers, he can sense the upcoming threats to Asgard and save Asgard from those threats.
He can see everything and everyone in the entire galaxy.
Heimdall also has good strength, somewhat similar to Thor.
Heimdall's sword 'Hofud' is one of the most potent weapons on Asgard.
'Hofud' is also used for a key to Bifrost.

5) Loki (The God of Mischief)

Loki - The God of Mischief

Loki is the King of Jotenheim and the God of Mischief.
He is a born frost giant who later adopted by Odin after the fight of Frost Giants vs. God's.
Loki from MCU's current timeline is dead, where he becomes a good Asgardian, killed by Thanos in Avengers Infinity War.
The Loki, who got away with Tesseract Cube in Avengers Endgame, is either going to wreak havoc in his timeline or MCU's current timeline.

4) King Bor Burison

bor burison
Bor Burison

Bor Burison is the father of Odin and the first king of Asgard.
In the comics, Bor Burison is the one who designs the Asgard, but in MCU, we've seen that Asgard was created by Odin and Hela.
Bor Burison defeats the Malekith and his elves army in the battle against the Dark Elves.
He is the one who buried the Ether on Midgard(Earth).
Odin's mighty weapon, 'Gungnir,' was initially owned by Bor Burison.

3) Odin


In the early days, Odin wishes to get control over all 9 realms.
For that, Odin and Hela together make too much destruction.
 But after he saw the result of this, he leaves his obsession and starts working on maintaining peace in all 9 realms.
He can do anything with his Odin Force.
He has superhuman strength, superhuman durability, and regenerative powers.

2) Thor (The God of Thunder)


Thor, who is known as 'The prince of Asgard' and 'The God of Thunder.'
Thor has so much strength and power. He also defeats some of his enemies without even using his weapon.
Thor with Mjolnir or Stormbreaker is kind of unstoppable.
Defeating Thor is not that easy, mostly when he has his weapons.
As Odin says before, Mjolnir was given to Thor to control and focus his powers.
That means, even Thor doesn't know how powerful he is.
He is even stronger than his father, Odin.
With Stormbreaker, he can summon Bifrost.
When Thor turns into his God form, then its damn hard to fight against him.

1) Hela (The Goddess of Death)

Hela - The Goddess Of Death

Hela is the daughter of Odin in MCU.
Hela has too much strength, she can give a hell of a fight to Odin.
Hela can able to use both Mjolnir and Necroswords at the same time.
When Odin stops his obsession to win all 9 realms and turn to keep peace in all realms, Hela goes against him.
But, Odin defeated her and trap her in hell.
After the death of Odin, Hela released from hell.
She destroyed MJonlr, single-handedly destroy the Asgardian army, and take over the throne.
Even Thor can't stop her, even with his god form.
But Thor releases the beast Surtur to stop Hela from killing all the Asgardians and to defeat her.

We've seen Surtur destroying Hela and Asgard in Thor Ragnorok, but I personally feel that she is alive.
She might be teleported before Surtur strikes her.
I already posted my fan theory related to this.

To visit the Fan Theory.

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