Avengers: End Game Big Game TV Spot Complete Breakdown

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Let's watch the video first from below link:

So, guys, we got Avengers: End Game Big Game TV Spot according to which we can say that Thanos's snap leaves a terrible impact on Earth.

It's an obvious result, but we never thought it's going to be so bad. Also, Marvel shows this spot at starting rather than showing it at the end like other trailers.

Avengers: End Game Big Game TV Spot

We didn't see any action in both Avengers: End Game trailer & Avengers: End Game Big Game Spot.

So, here, we are going to breakdown the Big Game TV Spots. So let's get this started.

This spot started with showing a glance of those heroes who became dust because of Thanos's snap.
Superheroes that we can saw are as follows:

1) The Wasp

The Wasp

2) Nick Fury

Nick Fury

3) Spider-Man


4)  Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange

5) Falcon


6) Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

7) Wanda


8) T'Challa aka Black Panther

T'Challa aka Black Panther

9) Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes

10) Vision


We didn't saw Loki & Other Asgardians like Heimdall.

According to me, they do not appear because they're not a part of Thanos's snap effect because they're killed by Thanos while collecting Space Stone or maybe it indicates that Loki is still alive somewhere by tricking Thanos, but this has decidedly fewer chances to be true, We'll discuss this theory also in another post.

Then we saw New York City which looks so dull & dark because of Thanos's snap effect which turns out a big disaster for Earth. 

New York City
New York City

A population of the entire World got disappear within a few minutes because of Thanos's snap.
Which means all the essential services was disconnected after this moment.
No one knows what to do next & definitely, everyone lost their loved ones in this brawl, So every person who is alive must be depressed & we can see that sad look in the next spots.

Also, after watching this, it's confirmed that there was a big time gap after the Infinity War event. 

Next, we saw a poster with the following quotes,

Poster from Big Game TV Spot
This place looks like a support group, maybe this was the place where Falcon run his support group & Steve Rogers who says they won't need this before, but we can saw him seated at the same place.

Steve Rogers aka Captain America
 Captain America accepts that they're lost in this war, but they didn't give up yet. 
Immediately in the very next shot, we saw Tony Stark who also not give up and making something or trying to repair his armor so he can return to home. Nebula also helping him in this.

Tony Stark aka Iron Man & Nebula

In the next shot, we saw that Steve Rogers and others are seeing someone coming from the space. According to me, it might be Tony Stark & Nebula who succeed in finding a way to reach home.

Steve Rogers & team seeing someone coming from the space
In the next quick shot, we saw Rocket in a shed. Rocket is the only survivor from the Guardians team & that's why he was so sad & missing her partner's cum friends but don't have any clue about this place. 

Next, we saw Black Widow while doing Aim Practice, maybe that's how she tries to forget the sad past, or she's practicing for the next big fight. 

Black Widow Aim Practising
Then we saw Ant-Man & Rhodey while suiting-up. We can saw Rhodey's upgraded suit which means till then Tony Stark already arrives on Earth or he built that suit before leaving the Earth. 

Ant-Man & Rhodey Suiting Up

Then we saw Thor with his Stormbreaker at some unknown location. According to the fans, it must be Wakanda or the place where Thanos stays after completing his mission, but we can't say anything right now.

Thor with his Stormbreaker

Now the last part, in this part we saw Hawk-Eye who now turns out in Ronin. We can saw him at a strange place like dump yard where we can saw a red light on ronin's face which might indicate that either Ultron's return or he is hunting Reality Stone, We'll discuss this theory in another post, but right now we can't be sure on anything. 

Clint aka Ronin aka Hawk-Eye
There was a news about the possibility of another Super-Villan in Avengers: End Game, but we don't know it's true or not. If it's true, then it's a high possibility of Ultron's return.


Now the next scene is about Captain America. After Captain America: Civil War movie Cap forfeit his shield, but now after such a long time, we can saw Steve Rogers back in Captain America look. We saw Steve Rogers tightening up the shield which indicates that he is ready for the next war.

Captain America Tightening his Shield.

In next shot, we saw the Avengers are heading towards a mission to make everything all right again.
Here we can clearly spot Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Rocket, Ant-Man, War Machine & Bruce Banner. The persons who are missing here are :
Captain Marvel, Tony Stark & Nebula.

Avengers heading towards the mission

If you have any other details, then you can mention it in the comment section below.

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