How Thanos knew about Tony Stark?

In Avengers: Infinity War, We got surprised by one moment when Thanos talks about Tony Stark aka Iron Man, but it has cleared now.
After The Avengers event, not only Tony Stark having anxiety attacks but Thanos also having a concern about the person who destroyed his army in New York Battle

Thanos started his plan from The Avengers by sending Loki to the Earth to grab a Space Stone & also send his army with Loki to help him to start a fight against Earth. 

After the New York Battle, Tony Stark also start his work so they may able to face much bigger problems in the future & that's why Thanos told Tony Stark that Tony is not the only person who has knowledge or Intelligence. 
So let's discuss this in details
After The Avengers movie, Tony Stark knows that there may be someone who becomes the more significant threat to the Earth in the future. When Tony Gets the vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron then he becomes more serious about his thoughts & that's why he made Ultron by thinking he will help them in future threats, but this step goes wrong

Whatever Tony was trying to do was right & it's been true at the end of Infinity War where Thanos wiped out 50% population. 

On Another side, After The Avengers event, Thanos is getting ready to complete his mission by collecting Infinity Stones one-by-one himself. Also, Thanos has a concern about one thing that How can a person from the Earth able to stop his strong army & that's why Thanos gather information about Tony Stark

In Avengers: Infinity War Director Commentary track, movie's Co-Director Joe Russo & Co-Writer Christopher Marcus told about How Thanos knows Tony Stark.

Thanos & Tony are not that different. Both have a slight idea about each other from the start & also knows how difficult it was to deal with each other. 

Joe Russo told that Thanos knows Tony from Battle of New York. After that Tony Stark got a slight idea about Thanos & this is very interesting because when Thanos remove his armor, then he becomes a warrior which don't wanna waste his energy to kill people but on Tony, who's been like a significant obstacle in the middle of Thanos's mission he wants to use his all power. 

We know that Tony lost against Thanos in Infinity War, but it was a tie between these two warriors because Tony Stark already beat Thanos in New York Battle by destroying his Chttori Army. But we'll know about the actual winner at the end of the Avengers: End Game.

We know that Dr. Strange intentionally saved Tony while fighting against Thanos which indicates that Tony Stark is the key which can help to defeat Thanos in the final battle.

We saw, Avengers lost at the end of Infinity War, but we also know that they'll be going to take revenge.

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