Who is Captain Marvel?

Today, we'll gonna discuss the history of Captain Marvel according to the comics and MCU updates. We'll also gonna discuss some facts about upcoming movie Captain Marvel.
Some of us know that in Marvel comics, Carol Danvers becomes Captain Marvel after 2012 but before that she was known as Miss Marvel.
We'll gonna distribute this in 10 different points. So let's get this started.

  1. In Marvel comics, There are more than 1 Captain Marvel & Miss Marvel. Carol Danvers is part of Marvel Comics since 1968. She becomes Miss Marvel from 1977 to 2012 & later In 2012, She becomes Captain Marvel. In between this, There has been a lot of Captain Marvel & Miss Marvel. In Marvel, The original Captain Marvel was MARVEL (A male Kree Alien). Carol Danvers got her powers from MARVEL. In Psyche-Magnetron Fusion, MARVEL's DNA combines with Carol's DNA. As well as there are some more female characters who used the title of Miss Marvel. Sharon Ventura, Carlos Coping & Kamala Khan (Marvel Comics First Muslim Superhero). 
  2. Carol Danvers was a Service Women in US Airforce. In Comics, when Carol Danvers introduced she was not a superhero, She was a member of US Airforce. Carol joins the military at the age of 18 & achieved the rank of Major but later she joins Daily Bugle Magazine as an Editor. But Instead of writing about Fashion & Lifestyle she wrote more about Women Leadership & because of that She's got fired. 
  3. Captain Marvel is a bridge or link of Avengers & Guardians of The Galaxy. After Psyche-Magnetron Fusion, Carol becomes a living fusion of human & Kree genetics & because of that she got her powers and become a Miss Marvel. Captain Marvel is a space traveling superhero & that's why she was the link between Avengers & Guardians of The Galaxy. Actually, in the movie, the origin story of Captain Marvel is modified. 
  4. Captain Marvel is a part of many superhero teams. Carol Danvers works with many superhero organizations. Carol Danvers was a member of Avengers, New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Defenders, X-Men, Guardians of The Galaxy & Starjammers. Currently, in Comics, Captain Marvel is a member of Ultimates (A superhero task force which finds out threats for the galaxy). 
  5. Captain Marvel has lots of powers. Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel has different types of powers. Before having those powers she was a great military officer & good pilot & this all enhanced when she got her superpowers. Powers of Captain Marvel as follows: Super Strength, She can fly, Velocity like Sound Speed, Psychic Powers, Energy Absorption, Energy Projection, Survive in Space. Captain Marvel is the most powerful Avenger in Marvel
  6. Till 1968, Carol Danvers can be seen as in supporting role only but after 1977, she becomes Miss Marvel (A superhero who supports women empowerment). She was an independent woman. Miss Marvel is a feminist superhero who promotes many female characters in the Marvel Comic Universe. 
  7. It's confirmed that Marvel's first female lead movie is all about Captain Marvel but it's also true that some fans wanna see Black Widow as MCU's first female lead superhero film. Chances for Black Widow's solo movie are very high but no announcements have been made yet. 
  8. Carol Danvers has lots of problems. Destiny (A mutant that can see future) told Mystique that Carol Danvers may kill Rogue. When Mystique told this to Rogue, she attacks Carol & stolen her powers and memories. That's why for a short period of time Rogue can do everything that Carol did. 
  9. In Marvel Civil War comic series, Carol Danvers is a member of Iron Man's Pro-Registration Team but In Civil War 2, Carol Danvers not only against the Iron Man but also Leading the opposite team. The main aim of Captain Marvel in Civil War 2 was to stop the problems before it's rise & Iron Man is against this. 
  10. Nicole Perlman & Meg LeFauve write the entire script for Captain Marvel. Nicole Perlman was Co-Writer of Guardians of the Galaxy & Meg LeFauve is known for Pixar's famous movie Inside Out. Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden are also going to direct Captain Marvel

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