Did Dr. Strange creates illusion for Thanos with the Time Stone?

We all have one question in our mind that why Dr. Strange didn't use Time Stone against Thanos. Thanos also said that "You didn't use your most powerful weapon yet?" 

But today we're going to discuss a fan theory according to which Dr. Strange already used his Time Stone against Thanos

Thanos - The Mad Titan

We have a lot of fan theories related to Avengers: Infinity War & Avengers: End Game, but this fan theory that we're about to discuss is entirely different. 

A fan theory says, Dr. Strange, using his Time Stone in his entire fight. 


So let's discuss this fan theory.
All fans are get amazed when they saw Dr. Strange handover his Time Stone to Thanos to save Tony Stark

Tony Stark aka Iron Man
According to this fan theory, giving Time Stone to Thanos is just a small part of Dr.Strange's entire plan to defeat Thanos

Time Stone which given to Thanos is a Time Stone from Future. A future where Avengers won the war against Thanos & that's why Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet got damaged after his snap. 

According to this fan theory, Time Stone can be send to the past & future. So to guard Time Stone, Dr. Strange can send it to the past or future, but the problem is Thanos has Power Stone, Space Stone, Soul Stone, Reality Stone which makes him immortal so he can wait till Time Stone arrives in the fight just like he did with Loki

Loki with Tesseract Cube
Loki hides the Tesseract Cube with his powers to guard it against Thanos. Similarly, Dr.Strange hides Time Stone. Later he knows that there is no chance to win this by hiding it & that's why when Thanos about to kill Tony, Dr.Strange handover his Time Stone to Thanos.

Dr.Strange handover Time Stone to Thanos

But if we see that Time Stone it's glowing. Any Infinity Stone only glows when its getting used. Which means Time Stone is brought from the future. 

According to this fan theory, Time Stone will get back to Titan after Thanos's snap. Then Tony Stark will get that Time Stone & that's why Dr. Strange save Tony Stark. By using it, Tony Stark can go to the past to make everything right. 

The Infinity Gauntlet got damaged after Thanos's snap because Time Stone was from another reality. 
So this is the only way to win the war against Thanos
If this fan theory becomes true, then we'll get the idea about Ant Man's rescue from the Quantum Realm

Now the main question is,
Is that Time Stone is so powerful?
if yes
then Dr. Strange used it well but Dr. Strange's all plan depends on the one man only - Tony Stark & that's why he save Tony Stark, but now it's time to see how Avengers brought half of the universe back.

But actually, it's just a fan theory by one of the Reddit user which according to me not that good, but we can't say anything. 

So we'll see what will happen in Avengers: End Game on 26th of April.
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