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Are They Alive?

Hello Everyone,
Today we're going to talk about the superheroes who died in Avengers Infinity War because of Thanos's Snap Effect & Captain Marvel's connection to the movie.

This fan theory somewhat satisfies that those all superheroes are still alive.

Avengers Infinity War events leave the fans in a sad moment where fans lost lots of their favourite superheroes because of Thanos.
Thanos successfully collected all the six Infinity Stone & used them to wipe out 50% of the population to make his dream real.
But all the superheroes who disappears after Thanos's Snap are really dead, or they're still alive somewhere? 
If they're Alive then How Avengers are going to bring them back?
Today we're going to discuss it with possible events.

 Soul Stone

Soul Stone, Avengers, Avengers Endgame, Avengers 4, Avengers 3, Avengers InfinityWar, Marvel
Soul Stone

This complete fan theory is based on the Soul Stone. Before starting this let's discuss the history of Soul Stone.
There are total 6 Infinity Gems/Infinity Stones which initially referred to as Soul Gems in comics.
The six stones are Soul Stone, Power Stone, Mind Stone, Time Stone, Space Stone, Reality Stone.
The seventh gem is also included, but we'll talk about in another post.

All these Six stones have differed with his different powers.
Power Stone wearer can access & manipulate all forms of energy, enhancing durability & strength.
Power Stone can boost all the five Infinity Stones.

Power Stone, Infinity Stone, Avengers, Avengers Endgame, Marvel
Power Stone

Reality Stone wearer can fulfil their wishes by creating an alternate reality So wearer/owner can fool others by showing them what he/she wants to show them.

Reality Stone, Infinity Stone, Avengers, Avengers Endgame, Marvel
Reality Stone

Mind Stone wearer can enhance their mental & Psychic abilities & access dreams of other beings.
By using Power Gem & Mind Gem wearer can access all the minds or dreams of other beings which in existence simultaneously.

MInd Stone, Infinity Stone, Avengers, Avengers Endgame, Marvel
Mind Stone

Space Stone wearer can transport to any location exist in the Universe. Wearer or owner can move any object to any place that exists.

Space Stone, Infinity Stone, Avengers, Avengers Endgame, Marvel
Space Stone

Time Stone wearer can manipulate the time by seeing or altering the past & future. Owner of Time Stone has full control over the past, present & future. By using it, anyone can increase or decrease the age of any object or living beings.

Soul Stone wearer can steal, control, manipulate & alter living or dead souls of living beings.
The Soul Gem is also a gateway to Pocket Universe & we'll talk about this later.
In short, the Soul Stone owner has full control of the souls that exist in the entire Universe.
While in the fight scene against Thanos, We saw Dr Strange created multiple forms and by using his powers hold Thanos, but later Thanos use Soul Stone & Power Stone together to finds the real soul or astral form of Dr Strange & eliminate the other fake forms.
You can spot that in picture below.

Thanos, Power Stone, Soul Stone, Infinity Stone, Dr Strange, Marvel, Avengers, Avengers Infinity War, Avengers Endgame
Thanos using Power Stone & Soul Stone against Dr Strange

What is the Pocket Universe?

Pocket Universe is a part of Soul Stone.
A Soul Stone owner can manipulate souls of living & dead by capturing them in the Soul World which also known as Pocket Universe.

The Soul Stone never kill any living beings, it just provides the ability to the owner to manipulate the souls which means the souls are still alive in the Soul World they're not taken by death mistress.

All Six Infinity Stones working in Thanos Snap Effect

Thanos collected all the Infinity Stones and snap to wipe out half of the Universe.
In that Event, How each Infinity Stone may have the role to do that are mentioned below :

1) Soul Stone ---  As we know, Soul Stone can manipulate any soul & in Thanos Snap Event, Soul Stone is used to capturing the souls of living beings.

2) Power Stone --- As we know, Power Stone can enhance the power of owner including all other Infinity Stones & Soul Stone can only capture souls one at a time, So Power Stone used to give access to the Soul Stone owner to manipulate or capture the souls of all living beings existed in the Universe at a time.

3) Space Stone --- As we know, Space Stone can transport anything to any place across the Universe. It also a path to travel in different dimensions. Space Stone is used to opening a path or allow the owner to travel in the Pocket Dimension / Pocket Universe. All the souls captured by the Soul Stone can be trapped in the Pocket Universe. But we know one thing that Soul Stone connected with Pocket Universe so Space Stone may allow the owner to travel in the other dimensions.

4) Reality Stone --- As we know, Reality Stone allows a user to complete his wishes by creating an alternate reality. Reality Stone may be used to identify or define the Current Reality / Dimension of the owner from which the souls are about to capture by Soul Stone.

5) Time Stone --- As we know, Time Stone allows the user to travel or see the past & future.
It also allows the user to alter the time. Time Stone is used to defining time dimension (Past / Present / Future) from which the souls are about to capture. In short, the owner can also determine past time so he can capture the souls of dead beings.

6) Mind Stone --- As we know, Mind Stone allows the user to manipulate other minds or communicate with others without being at the same location. It is also able to project mentally view & interact with beings (through souls) faraway place. So it allows Thanos to communicate with the souls in Pocket Dimensions as we saw in the Avengers Infinity War, where he is able to talk with the pure soul of Gamora.

According to me, this is how Thanos Snap Effect works.

Remaining Theory

So now according to all the details that I have mentioned before, The Souls of the victims of Thanos's Snap Effect are captured in the Pocket Universe where they're still alive & can be brought back again.

After Captain Marvel movie, we know that she is on the mission to find out a safe place for the Skrulls in the 90s.

Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, Marvel, Avengers, Avengers Endgame, Soul Stone, Time Travel, Dimension Travel
Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers

It's been more than twenty years now. So it's possible that in between this, while Captain Marvel finding a safe place for Skrulls she may already find out the way to travel in multiple dimensions & according to the comics & In the interview, Samuel Jackson aka Nick Fury already said that Captain Marvel has the ability so she can do Time Travel,
& this satisfies
Time Travel or Dimension Travel is another ability of Captain Marvel.

Soul Stone is the primary key of all this story so souls can be brought back by reusing the Soul Stone, but we'll talk about it later.
Dr Strange is also a part of this story.

Dr Strange, Marvel, Time Stone, Infinity Stone, Marvel, Avengers, Avengers Endgame
Dr Strange 
Dr Strange also has the central role behind this theory but from a different perspective.
If you read the history of Soul Stone in comics you'll know that Dr Strange is also one of the owners of Soul Stone means he already used the Soul Stone but in a Different Dimension.
Dimension called Earth- 616.

So it's a possibility that Captain Marvel with fellow Avengers may find out the way to travel in different dimensions to achieve that Soul Stone from Dr Strange so they can reuse it to bring all souls back in life or they grab all stones and revert the effect same as Thanos did.
If this is true then Dr Strange already knew that & thats why he handover the Time Stone to Thanos, So in the final fight after Thor attack & Snap Effect, he became weaker, So later they can beat him with full power.
Without Dr Strange it couldn't be possible, Avengers still try to fight Thanos & at the end they may be sacrificing their lives for nothing.
That's why he said that it's the only way by which they can defeat Thanos.


Avengers & Captain Marvel simple travel back in time to achieve all Infinity Stones to revert Thanos Snap Effect but it may affect real life too So anything could be possible because we know that altering time also has other (Good or Bad) consequences in the real world.

Now, many of you may have a question that we saw something different in the trailer.
Let me tell you guys MCU always hide the central part of the plot by replacing the scenes with the fake scenes.
Ex. Wakanda Battle, The place where Thor's Hammer destroyed by Hela etc.,

This is what I have in this theory.
All details are referred by comics, news & starcast and director interviews.

If you have other facts related to this then feel free
Mention them in Comment Section
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