Marvel Movies : Is Ronin aka Hawk-Eye hunting Reality Stone in Avengers End Game movie ?

Ronin Avengers Endgame

So friends, as we discussed some significant details about Avengers End Game (which will be one of the best marvel movies) in our Big Game TV Spot Breakdown, let's talk about some rare & mysterious points from that video. It's just a fan theory but high probability to be true so read it carefully.

After Captain Marvel movie, Everyone is so curious about Avengers: End Game movie which is going to release on 26th April 2019.
So, before that let's discuss some possible events from The Avengers End Game movie, it's just a fan theory so don't get worried about spoilers.

So without wasting your precious time, let's get this started.

So today we're going to discuss Ronin aka Hawk-Eye & Reality Stone (One of the Infinity Stones).
There was no doubt that we're going to see Time Travel in the upcoming Marvel movie, The Avengers: End Game so the remaining Avengers can fix the problem that was created by The Mad Titan - Thanos in Infinity War

So in recently released Avengers: End Game Big Game TV Spot, we saw the best 30 seconds of the Avengers End Game movie. We saw lot's of exciting spot's & the spot which grab the attention of fans is Ronin aka Hawk-Eye.

Ronin serious look in Avengers End Game
Ronin - Big Game Spot

In this spot, we can saw Ronin aka Hawk-Eye in a strange look & red light glowing on his face. Some of us think that red light indicates the return of Ultron.

Ultron avengers end game

But some of us link this shot to Thor: The Dark Word Thor's second movie.

Jane Foster from Thor The Dark World
Jane Foster from Thor: The Dark World

Fan theory says that Ronin aka Hawk-Eye looking towards the Reality Stone or Ether.
But the important part that I want to tell you first is from here we're going to talk about Hawk-Eye, not Ronin because before Time Travel Ronin would be turned back to Hawk-Eye, to fix what Thanos did in Infinity War.

So maybe after Natasha aka Black Widow & Clint aka Hawk-Eye meeting, Avengers will send Hawk-Eye with another Avenger to the past where Jane Foster found Ether.

Black Widow meets Clint
Natasha aka Black Widow

But who assures that it's Ether?
So that red light which glowing on Hawk-Eye's face gave us a hint about Ether's presence.

We have already seen this same light & same look on Jane Foster's face in Thor: The Dark World movie & the area behind Hawk-Eye is somewhat matches with the background where Jane Foster found Ether.

So there is a possibility about the presence of Infinity Stone in that place. 
We might also see some of the events from Thor The Dark World movie.

Also, in recently leaked news we know that we can see Thor's mother in Avengers End Game movie.

So considering these all points, it might be possible that Avengers will go in the past & grab each Infinity Stone so they can reverse the effect or they may collect only those Infinity Stones which helps them to defeat Thanos.

This is the small post about Hawk-Eye & Reality Stone fan theory.
Apart from all this, we know that handling Reality Stone is not that easy because we saw what happened with Jane Foster when she comes in contact with Ether(Reality Stone).

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