Avengers: End Game Trailer 1 Breakdown

After a long wait, we fans got a trailer of Avengers: End Game. In this post, we are going to break down this trailer & discuss some details which may tell us lots of things about the movie. 
So without wasting your time lets get this started.
Before starting it if someone hasn't watched the trailer yet (Impossible) then watch it from below link.

So the trailer started with Tony Stark's broken helmet.

Tony Stark with Broken helmet

 We know that in the fight against Thanos Tony Stark's nano-tech armor got damaged very badly.

Thanos on Titan 
But according to the trailer, it seems like Tony Stark recording a message for Pepper Potts using his helmet which rarely in good condition.

Pepper Potts

Avengers: Infinity War after Thanos's snap, Everyone except Nebula & Tony Stark turns out in the dust.

Some of us think that Tony Stark will come back on Earth by Guardians ship, but in this trailer, it looks entirely different.

While sending a message to Pepper Potts, we can hear one word Rescue by Tony's end which seems reasonable but it means a lot.
Marvel gives us a clear hint about Pepper's armor RESCUE. In recent leak's we knew about it.

Pepper Potts Rescue armor
So it's a possibility that Pepper may come to save Tony Stark with her RESCUE armor or Captain Marvel will come to rescue him, right now we can't say anything.

Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers

If we ignore the words from Tony Stark's message here, we can see that Tony lost his all hopes about survival & that's he's recording a message for Pepper.

In the next shot, We can saw Guardians ship by which Guardians came to Titan from Knowhere.

Because of some reasons, there is not enough fuel, So Tony can't return home.

Recently we heard that Avengers: End Game will start from 5 years time jump, but according to later it does not look like that. Tony hasn't eaten any food for four days also they're facing low oxygen issue. Without food & oxygen, Tony can't survive. But in the next shot, we saw Tony in another outfit, so it's a possibility that its the starting of the movie where Tony & Nebula was leaving Titan.

After Tony shut down his helmet, we saw Marvel Studio's logo becoming dust which remembers us the tragedy of Avengers: Infinity War.

Then we saw Thanos Armor's scarecrow & later we saw Thanos walking through his farm, but the important thing is we can saw  damaged Infinity Gauntlet in his hands, but there was no glowing Infinity Stone.

Then we can saw Avengers Headquarters, where Steve Rogers aka Captain America crying by remembering his friends/partners who became dust because of Thanos's snap.

Steve Rogers aka Captain America
We can also saw Steve Rogers without a beard. In the very next shot, we can saw Natasha aka Black Widow talking to someone that half of the universe became dust & according to me the person with whom Natasha was talking is none other than Captain Marvel.

Natasha aka Black Widow
In the next shot, we saw Bruce Banner and the photos with the missing tag of Scott Lang aka Ant-Man, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man & Shuri.

Bruce Banner with photos of Scott Lang & Shuri Missing
Scott Lang aka Ant-Man got trapped in Quantum Realm & Spider-Man became dust while he is on Titan & no one saw them that's why we can see the "Missing" tag, but stranger part was Shuri's pic on the missing list. Because recently Shuri starer Letitia Wright confirms that she survives in Thanos's snap.

So either Letitia is lying, or she was missing from Wakanda.

In the next scene, we saw a place which is familiar because we also saw it at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron where Captain America introduces the new Avengers team.

In the next part saw Thor without his armor sitting calmly by regretting that he didn't stop Thanos.
From Thor: Ragnorok to Avengers: Infinity War he lost his everything.


In the next shot, we saw Nebula on Guardians ship with Tony Stark where she is showing her support towards Tony Stark.

In the very next shot, we saw Hawk-Eye in Ronin form & Natasha after two years.

Hawk-Eye in Ronin Form
We also saw that Ronin cleaning the blood from his sword which means he is completely changed. He is not that old Hawk-Eye who is one of the best Avengers is now killing peoples.
According to me, the primary cause for Hawk-Eye turns to Ronin was Thanos snap. Clint aka Hawk-Eye aka Ronin's family may become dust.

Later we saw Steve Rogers & Natasha in their superhero outfit most probably in Quinjet which indicates they may go for a fight while saying "This Fight will be the last fight." While saying this Steve Rogers seeing Peggy's photo who already dead but it's a possibility that Captain America going in the past when he met Peggy & Red Skull has Tesseract Cube.

Peggy Carter

Red Skull with Tesseract Cube

Now let's sew the last part of the trailer.
In this, we saw the Black Widow saying that they will gonna win this war where Captain America replies "We Must" & this makes sense because Dr.Strange also told that there was only one way to defeat Thanos which means whatever the plan avengers decided they have only one chance to make everything right again.

At the end of the trailer, we saw the title of movie Avengers: End game & also rebuilding of Avengers logo which may indicate two things:
1) Reunited Avengers who got separated in Captain America: Civil War.
2) Return of people who got vanished & became dust in Thanos's snap.

In the last shot, we saw Scott Lang aka Ant-Man with that con van in which they designed a machine to travel in the Quantum Realm. Steve Rogers got surprised by seeing Scott Lang because according to the missing list Scott is missing & they may think he also became dust in Thanos's snap. So it may help Avengers to find a way to bring all the peoples back again.

If you any other information that we missing here then feel free to mention it in the comment section below.

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