Super-Man Black Suit - details explained

Rarely fans know Superman's Black outfit. So In this post, We'll be going to discuss Superman's Black costume.

In the Man of Steel movie, Superman's biological father Jor-El told that the reason behind Superman's powers is Sun. 

All average human's like us are solar powered. Every living thing from our planet grows with the help of Sun. However, Jor-El told that At Superman's home planet Krypton's Sun is weaker than Sun of our world. So when Zor-El sends Superman to the Earth, For Superman's body, our Sun becomes very useful, and that means he was gaining a lot more power than average human.

It's like a species who hardly get 2% of energy suddenly getting 1000% energy. So let's discuss this Black costume & where it fits in the above details. 
If you remember, In Batman v/s Superman movie, Superman sacrifices his life to save the earth by defeating Doomsday but at the end of the film we have seen that dust alongside Superman's coffin is flying in the air & the same scene we have seen in the Man of Steel movie when Superman first time about to fly. So here it's confirmed that Superman is alive and Doomsday too because powers of Superman & Doomsday are quite the same. 


So In Justice League, When Superman would join the team to help them, he must need the extra energy & now this Black Suit is a key for that super energy. 
Superman's this Black Suit or Solar Suit helped Superman to absorb the maximum amount of energy from the Sun. 

We know that when lights hit any human(any living thing) body, then some part of that light body absorb itself & the remaining portion of light reflected by the body & because of that we can saw the color of a body. So in the case of the black color body, If the body is thick then theoretically that body will be going to absorb incident light & that's why we saw wounded Superman in Black Costume because he must absorb maximum energy from sunlight to recover himself and help others to fight against the problem. 

In Death of Superman, This Black Costume appeared. After the death of Superman, he returns with the Solar Costume/Black Costume

Also, we saw Superman in a black costume in Superman Doomsday animated film.

& Also in Justice League's animated series episode.

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