MCU - Dr. Strange Alive? Fan Theory 2

In a promo interview of Avengers: Infinity War, Tom Holland aka Spider-Man & Benedict Cumberbatch aka Dr. Stephan Strange told that Dr.Strange would not die in Avengers: Infinity War.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Tom Holland

We know that Tom Holland has a habit of revealing secrets of the movie so we can understand that but Benedict Cumberbatch!
So we need to take it seriously.
Also, one fan theory gives this statement good support to believe in it. Let's discuss this theory.

Somewhat we also know that Dr.Strange is the key to defeat Thanos or we can say he has a vital role in it.

In Avengers: Infinity War, Dr.Strange saw 1,40,00,605 version to fight against Thanos in which Avengers are going to win this war only in 1 version. So it's possible that Dr.Strange didn't stop Star-Lord to lose his control.

& also give away the Time Stone by saving Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

Dr. Strange knows that this is a part of that 1 version where Avengers won the fight against Thanos.
In all of these, Ant-Man & The Wasp movie ending is also very important because Dr.Strange makes sure that the timing of Thanos's snap must be same when Ant-Man enters in Quantum Realm.

Don't forget these points & let's discuss the main point about Dr.Strange.

In Dr.Strange movie, We know that Earth's Sorcerer Supreme Ancient One saw the all possible events in the future, but all those events stopped when she was about to die. So it means if Dr.Strange dies in Avengers: Infinity War then how he's going to see the future events or how will he confirms that Avengers are going to win against Thanos after him.

We saw Dr.Strange becomes dust in Avengers: Infinity War but if you remember the scene from Dr.Strange movie, where Dr.Strange's body is about to die then Dr.Strange goes in Astral Form.
In that form he still fought with Kaecilius's supporter, then whatever happened with his body doesn't affect Dr.Strange except for the shock treatment which helps him.

In the interview, Tom Holland casually says that Dr.Strange will deal with Quantum Realm in Avengers: End Game. There are some rumors which refer to the Dr.Strange and his scene in Avengers: End Game.

So If according to all of these fights the theory forms which says that Dr.Strange is not dead and he turned in Astral Form where he is going to save the Ant-Man from Quantum Realm.

In the end, this was also a fan theory. So there were no spoilers here at all. These all possible events based on real points that may be true or not, we need to watch Avengers: End Game movie for that.

If you have other thoughts, then please mention in the comment section.

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