Skrulls & Avengers: Secret Invasion Details Explained

In future MCU's new problem will be Skrulls. Skrulls will be introduced to us in the Captain Marvel movie which is gonna released exactly after two days on 8th March 2019. 
So let's discuss about their powers, origin, threat level, impact on MCU & other details.


In this post, We'll gonna discuss the Skrulls & possible future MCU movies & Secret Invasion. 

1) Deal with Skrulls?

Skrulls are one of the most powerful alien empires in Marvel history just like the Kree Empire. These are the living things which output of the Celestial's experiment & that's why Kree Skrulls & other species fight with each other. 

We have seen celestials in recent Marvel movies like Ego, Head of Knowhere

Head of Knowhere

So the appearance of Skrulls in MCU is not that small thing. In Comics, Skrulls introduced in 1961s Fantastic Four #2 in which they stay hidden by transforming themselves in Cow. 

In Captain Marvel movie, everyone gonna thinks that Skrulls are destroyed or bitten by Captain Marvel & team but Skrull's will stay hidden with a unique identity like HYDRA did. 

2) Skrulls Superpowers

As I told you before that Skrulls basic power is Shape Shifting in which they can change their look, body shape, in simple words they can transform to any form of living & non-living things. So there is only one way to catch or identify them by reading their minds using telepathy. 
In their normal forms, they look like our Hulk (by color not by shape) & their chin looks like Thanos

Skrulls have found out a way to transform their powers in other super beings by which they become Super Skrulls. 
The first original Super Skrull is Kl'rt

Kl'rt - First Super Skrull
Kl'rt has superpowers of all members of Fantastic Four. Later every Skrull was able to imitate superpowers of superheroes & here the main problem begins which named as Secret Invasion.

In recently introduced Captain Marvel trailer, Nick Fury asking for a proof to identify Carol that she is Skrull or not. In response, Carol shows him her superpowers & told him that Skrulls can't do this but according to the storyline of Marvel's Secret Invasion Comic, Skrull can copy the powers of superheroes. 

Secret Invasion was a very big storyline, where we find out that Skrulls are being hidden for a long time between Avengers by transforming into some of the Avengers. When an outer force attacks Skrull's Empire, then they came to the Earth to destroy it. Many Skrulls work with Avengers without showing their real identity. 

Avengers got surprised when in a fight Electra dies & immediately transforms to her Skrull form.

Later Avengers were unable to trust anyone to identify who's real & who's fake. 

3) Upcoming MCU movies & the possibility of Skrulls

We have gonna introduced with Skrull in upcoming Captain Marvel movie but Captain Marvel is based on the 90s, So it's possible that Skrulls are stay hidden on Earth from 90s. 

If we missed any details then feel free to comment below.

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