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This Character from recent MCU movies is going to be a part of Thor: Love & Thunder | Confirmed

We have got some confirmed news about Thor: Love and Thunder upcoming MCU movie. Some old Thor friendly characters going to be a part of Thor: Love and Thunder movie.
Today, in this article we'll be going to talk about details that have been confirmed by sources and even by movie director Taika Waititi.


As we know, Thor: Love & Thunder movie is in working. This is Thor's 4th standalone movie which going to make some changes in MCU.

The character which we are mentioned in the title of this article is Korg.

Taika Waititi himself going to play this character. Korg is one of the funniest characters. We had already experienced that in Thor: Ragnarok movie. We saw Korg in two MCU movies till now, Thor: Ragnarok & Avengers Endgame.

In this movie, we'll be going to see Marvel Studio's first Female Thor.

There might be a possibility that Taika Waititi can explore Jane Foster's breast cancer angle in this movie.
Taika Waititi also clarified a few …

Joe Russo plans to Visit India in April

So according to news, Director Joe Russo is going to visit India before the release of Avengers: End Game movie. 

While his Asia-Pacific Tour, Joe Russo going to visit India to meet Indian fans & it will be the huge moment for all Marvel fans.

Marvel has a huge fan base from many countries & India is one of the countries who have Marvel's huge emerging fan base.  

Marvel enjoys a strong fan following in India after seeing huge success of their recent movies like Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, Thor Ragnorok & recently released Captain Marvel who becomes 2019's highest opening weekend movie in India.

Joe Russo is all set to visit India before his Asia - Pacific Tour & before few days of Avengers: End Game release.

Taran Adarsh has confirmed this by his tweeter handle and wrote, "Marvel Fans, rejoice... #AvengersEndgame director Joe Russo [of the Russo brother's] to visit #India first, ahead of his Asia-Pacific Tour in April [before the film's release]... #AvengersEndgame releases on 26 April 2019 in #India in #English, #Hindi, #Tamil & #Telugu". 

Joe Russo says that he was excited to visit India & is thrilled with fans response of Avengers: Infinity War & Avengers: Endgame

He says that "I am thrilled with the passionate response for Avengers: Infinity War received in India & can't wait for you to see Avengers: End Game. Thank You for embracing these movies. I am excited to be coming to India & eager to meet our Indian fans very soon."

No doubts it's good news for all Marvel fans. 

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