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So Finally, the wait is over, We got a surprising second trailer of Avengers End Game movie.
Marvel is excellent in giving the surprises but the now the main problem is we can't wait anymore for Avengers End Game movie. They still don't provide many ideas about the movie plot, but here we'll be going to extract as much as details from the trailer. 

Before starting anything just watch the trailer from below link, then we'll be going to discuss the new Marvel Avengers End Game trailer.

Today, we'll going to discuss the new Avengers: End Game trailer, What they give us?, What details are hidden in the trailer's?, Possible facts & other things.
We also have a pleasant surprise in this trailer.
So without wasting your precious time, let's get this started.

So, The trailer started with the scene from Iron Man 1 (2008) movie, where we saw Tony Stark rescued from the Terrorist group & his first armor destroyed in that fight.

Iron Man, Iron Man 1, Marvel, Marvel Movies, Avengers, Avengers End Game
Tony Stark from Iron Man 1
We saw he was speaking to Pepper Potts, likely in a message form. After hearing that, it's damn sure that he's emotionally destroyed.

Then we saw footage from Captain America The First Avenger movie, where we saw Steve's memories.

captain america the first avenger movie, captain marvel, Marvel, Marvel Movies, Avengers End Game
Steve Rogers from Captain America The First Avenger

Then in the next shot, we saw Clint aka Hawk-Eye do training with her daughter Lila Barton. He was teaching her basic tactics so she can stand up for herself. 

Lila Barton, Clint Barton, Avengers End Game, Marvel Movies, Hawk-Eye's Daughter
Clint training with his daughter Lila Barton

Immediately after that, we can saw Clint aka Hawk-Eye who completely turned in Ronin. The most probable reason behind it was Thanos's Snap event in which his family would be one of the victims of that event. 

Clint Barton, Ronin, Hawk-Eye, Marvel Movies Avengers End Game
Hawk-Eye in & as Ronin
But we also heard Natasha's (Black Widow) voice, who trying to convince him & giving him hopes that they can solve all the problems. As we know Natasha & Clint are best friends so Natasha is the only person who can convince him & that's what we saw in this shot.

Ronin, Clint Barton, Natasha, Black Widow, Avengers End Game
Natasha giving hopes to Ronin

Then In the next few shots, we saw past memories of Steve Rogers & Thor. By remembering his friend's superheroes, Thor says that they all die in front of him.

Captain America, Steve Rogers, Avengers End Game
Steve's old memories of Peggi Carter's funeral

Asgard, Thor, Odin, Avengers End Game

Thor, Odin, Avengers End Game
Thor & Odin - Thor's memories

Falcon, Thanos, Avengers End Game,
Falcon turns into dust.

Wanda, Thanos, Avengers End game
Wanda turns into dust.

Avengers End Game it's all about the past, the mistakes that have been made in the past events. But we know one thing that Russo Brothers are great in hiding movie plot from fans so they won't give any clear view in this trailer too but reveals minor details.

In the next scene, we saw Steve Rogers, Natasha aka Black Widow & Bruce Banner together where Steve Rogers says He told everyone to move on, Some of them moved on but not us. Here we know one thing that they'll never be going to stop until they took revenge & make everything right again.

Bruce Banner, Hulk, Avengers End Game
Bruce Banner

Now in the next shot, we saw Scott Lang, which means till then he succeeds in getting out from the Quantum Realm. He seems quite confused & why not? When he gets out from the Quantum Realm, he's gonna know that Hank Pym, Janet & Hope aka Wasp are missing but he also finds out that lots of people are missing at the same time because of the "missing person" posters.

Scott Lang, Ant-Man, Quantum Realm,  Avengers End game
Scott Lang aka Ant-Man

Now the exciting scene, as I told you in my last post about Avengers: End Game Big Game TV Spot Breakdown that Avengers are looking in the sky. Where they saw someone coming from the space is none other than Guardians Space Ship & we know they're, Yes It's true Nebula & Tony Stark successfully get back on Earth but haven't seen them yet, We'll talk about this later. If it's true, then it will be a great surprise for all Marvel fans.

Tony Stark, Nebula, Iron Man Alive, Avengers End Game
Guardians Space Ship

Then we saw Clint aka Hawk-Eye & Ronin giving his support to Natasha because she seems very sad & nervous. They share good friendship bond with each other.

Natasha, Clint Barton, Black Widow, Hawk-Eye, Ronin,Avengers End Game
Clint & Natasha

After all this finally, we saw some action shots where Clint aka Hawk-Eye fighting somewhere but can't figure out about the place. Here I specifically mention Hawk-Eye because it's necessary for Ronin to be Hawk-Eye for Time Travel so till then he might be back as old Hawk-Eye.

Hawk-Eye, Ronin, Time Travel, Avengers End Game

Hawk-Eye, Ronin, Time Travel, Avengers End Game

In the next shot, we saw Rocket & War Machine teaming up for a fight where Rocket is on shoulders of War Machine with his weapon. It was such a rare duo. Now can't wait till 26 April to see this marvelous movie.

Rocket, War Machine, Avengers End Game
Rocket & War Machine

In the next shots, We saw Cap, Thor, Ant-Man, Hawk-Eye & Black Widow in her training which shows they're ready to make everything right again, they do whatever it takes.

We also saw Nebula fighting with someone. If you take a look at the background of that scene, you'll know it looks like Titan where they had fought against Thanos. So, they probably go back in time where they had a fight against Thanos to beat him, If it's true then for Thanos it's like Time Loop (He's going to be crazy after that).

Nebula, Titan, Thanos, Avengers End Game
Nebula in Action

Now we saw Captain America tightening his Shield.

Captain America, Thanos, Avengers End Game
Captain America

Now if you compare all the above three pics, you'll see one thing is somewhat familiar in it, The place. So maybe its the scene from final action sequence where all are fighting against Thanos or if we saw Captain America's outfit then its also possible that he is back in time & fighting with someone.
Nothing is sure yet, but it's a possibility that it was a scene from the final fight against Thanos.

We also saw Ant-Man in action where he becomes small & running away from something. In between that, we saw a shot where people think it was Thor's Hammer. But it's not possible because that thing seems small even Ant-Man also tiny in size & moving that thing smoothly which is not possible because we know Thor's Hammer or Stormbreaker is only accessible by Thor or no one can even move it from its place except Thor (including Hela- Thor's Sister).
By the way, that thing looks like a simple pencil with eraser at the bottom.

Ant-Man, Scott Lang, Avengers End Game
Ant-Man in Action
Now here trailer revealed two things :
First Quantum Suits
The second which is a surprise for all of us
 Tony Stark is alive

Oh, It's True, It's Damn True!

In the next shot, we can saw Avengers in Quantum Suits including Nebula,
We can see Captain America, Scott Lang, Clint Barton, War Machine, Natasha & our star Tony Stark.

Captain America, Quantum Suit, Avengers End Game
Captain America

War Machine, Rhody, Clint Barton, Hawk-Eye, Quantum Suit, Avengers End Game
War Machine & Clint Barton aka Hawk-Eye

Tony Stark, Tony is Alive, Natasha, Nebula, Quantum Suit, Avengers End Game
Tony Stark, Natasha & Nebula in Quantum Suits

So, it's the surprise that I was talking in my post title - Tony Stark is Alive !!!

Now in The last shot, we saw Thor & Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel), Where we saw Thor calls his weapon Storm Breaker but Carol is unfazed which impresses Thor & he says I like her & smiles.
Is Thor flirting with her?????

Captain Marvel, Thor, avengers end game
Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel

Thor, Natasha, Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, Avengers End Game
Thor, Carol & Natasha

So, till this shot, Captain Marvel appeared as we saw her in Captain Marvel movie post-credit scene.

Here, you definitely have a question in our mind that Where is Bruce Banner or Hulk?

Possible Answer :

They made Quantum Suits to travel in the Quantum Realm. Avengers not only need Bruce Banner but they also need their super warrior Hulk.
But they can't build same suit for both of them, So they made a suit for Hulk & Hulk will be known as Professor Hulk & MCU hides it from the trailer as they always do in their trailer's.

We're definitely going to see our Hulk in Quantum Suit because recently leaked Avengers End Game Art confirms this answer.
So its most obvious answer to that question.

So, guys, it's the possible breakdown of Avengers: End Game Official Trailer 2 & possible events.
If we miss something or you have any other details regarding this then feel free to comment in the comment section.

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