Captain Marvel Trailer 2 Complete Breakdown

After watching Captain Marvel trailer, it's confirmed that the movie & Captain Marvel both going to make a massive impression on Marvel fans. It's going to be another hit for MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe).

Captain Marvel's first teaser trailer reminds us of the time of the 90s, but the new trailer shows us the part of MCU in which we can see new aliens, outer space battles, Captain Marvel in her superpowers mode & innocent Nick Fury. Because of this new trailer fans understand why Captain Marvel hit the old lady in the first trailer.

Before starting breakdown let's watch the trailer again.
In this breakdown, I may introduce you with many such points that may reveal the vital plot of the movie. So let's get this started. 

It starts with the same Subway chase scene that we have seen in the first teaser trailer. In the first trailer, we all got confused after seeing Captain Marvel hitting an old lady. Why is she doing that?
But in this new trailer, it's confirmed that the old lady is nothing but a Skrull.

In the trailer, We can hear that Nick Fury was asking about Skrulls that are they, villains?
In one of the shots from the trailer, it's been confirm that while chasing the Skrulls, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel has been falling to the Earth as we have seen in the first trailer & those Skrulls are also coming down to the Earth & as a Kree Warrior, Hero Carol is chasing them.

Then next, We can see that Nick Fury was asking Carol that, Kree Warriors are good people or not. Carol answered this by saying they're superheroes. Just like two different teams called other as evil & themselves as heroes same Carol explaining Nick that Kree Warriors are good people & Skrulls are evil.

After that, we can see the Kree World of Hala, where Carol & her Kree Warriors Team are going for a mission & maybe they're going to fight against Skrulls so after that Carol falls down to the Earth.

In the next shot of the trailer, We can see Carol's crashed plane & injured Carol, but the strange part of it was Carol's blood. It's Green!
So maybe this shot is from another segment because originally Carol is a human, so, therefore, Carol's blood must need to be Red. Her body must been altered on Kree after her plane crash.

Later, We have a complete view of the Kree World of Hala.  After watching the trailer, We figure out that Kree people have the power to store memories. We can also see Annette Bening. It's a rumor that she is going to play the role of Carol's mother, but it's been confirmed that she either a scientist or a Kree Leader. 

In the next scene, Annette is talking with Carol where she tells her that, When they found her Carol already lost her memories, but Kree people transform her like how they're to make her more powerful.

In the next shot, It looks like either they're destroying Carol's memories, or they're trying to figure out Carol's memories.

Next, we can see that Carol have slight memory flashes in her mind & saying that her past going to be a path for her future. So somewhere it looks like Carol's past is related to the war against the Skrulls.
 Next, we can see the same chasing sequence that we saw in the first trailer but here in this extended shot, we can see someone is running over the train. It may be that Skrull alien (Old Lady) or Carol who are chasing that Skrull alien.

So In the next shot, We can see the first Quinjet (Most probability) & Carol knows how to fly it. Before being a Kree Warrior Carol was an Airforce pilot, so she definitely knows how to fly a Quinjet.
There was a debate within MCU fans about Quinjet that, it will fly in space or not but this was cleared in Thor: Ragnarok. Also, we can see Talos asking Carol that, Is she wanna know about her past or not?
After we can see Captain Marvel's Retractable Helmet. We have seen this helmet in Captain Marvel comics which helps Carol to breathe in Space.

In the next scene, We can see one of the Skrulls attacking Captain Marvel, so is definitely confirms that Skrulls are somewhat related to Carol Danvers's past.
In the next part of the trailer, We can see Carol in the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility where she'll get her file & then she may remember her past. As well as we can see Carol's damaged army tag.
Later Jude Law appears. Because of the recently released Toy set, it reveals that Jude Law is not playing the role of Marvel but playing the role of Yon Rogg.
Recently published fan theory says that The real villain of Captain Marvel movie is Yon Rogg who may tamper Carol's memories & force her to work for Kree & that's why in next shot we can see that he is telling Carol that she is not so powerful.

In the next part of the trailer, We can see Carol in her Captain Marvel mode where she is landing from the chamber which may unlock Carol's real powers. As well as, We'll see Carol fighting against the Kree Soldiers which means Kree Warriors definitely did something wrong & that's why Carol comes to stop them.

After that, we have a quick look of Skrull leader Talos. After that, We'll see Ronan watching Captain Marvel destroying the Kree ships. Later, you can clearly see the character of Ben Mendelsohn who transform in human form and enter in the S.H.I.E.L.D. 
Captain Marvel's binary mode makes her one of the MCU's most powerful superheroes. Carol also said that she'll not only fight the Kree-Skrull war but also gonna end it.

After watching this entire trailer, It's confirmed that we'll gonna have a full action-packed movie.

If we miss some details then mention them in the comment section.

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